Dubai Work Visa

Dubai Work Visa

As Dubai is one of the richest countries of the world, so it provides various lucrative employment opportunities to the people coming in this country. Dubai work visa sponsored by a valid sponsor is necessary for everyone working here.

Different Types of Work Visas of Dubai

For obtaining work permit of Dubai, a valid sponsor is required. Employee will also have to meet the eligibility criteria. Many documents are also required for that. The types of work visas are as follows:

·         Residence permit for employment issued for an employee is basically a type of work permit of Dubai. This permit allows the employee to work in Dubai for maximum of 3 years. Medical certificates, business related information and other documents are required for getting this work visa of Dubai.

·         This type of work visa for Dubai is specifically for the employees of public sector. Like the above type, this type is also valid for maximum of 3 years. However, the required documentation is quite different. In general, work visa for public sector of Dubai is much easier to obtain.

·         There is another type called short term work permit of Dubai that offers short-term visas and you will be allowed to work in Dubai. The duration of shorter Dubai work permit varies, however it still permits you to work and stay in Dubai. This visa is best for those who are coming for a shorter business tour or coming on a short-term contract of job.

Employment Visa/ Permit

Dubai employment visa is granted for 30 days. According to rules and regulations, the company is responsible for all the formal procedures after you get a job. The employer cannot leave the company (sponsor) without their permission. You must have your residence before the expire of 30 days, otherwise you will not be able to get a telephone connection and you bank account in

Dubai. For residence visa of Dubai, you will also have to take a medical test to get a Health Card. residence visa. Usually the duration of residence visa of Dubai is 3 years. You can also bring your family here after getting a residential visa and there are many options for sponsoring them. Your prospective employer can explain all the available options to you.

work visa for dubai

The person applying for visa should take care of following points:

·         Only a company of public/private sector is your valid sponsor for visa.

·         Few people in Dubai used to sell visa and that was illegal, so be careful

·         Now days, government of Dubai is discouraging that practice through different ways, for example making visa fee high, so that people couldn’t think of buying it.

·         Only the company of private/public sectors, which are in need of manpower, can apply for the visa of Dubai.

·         If someone is caught working on open visa without the permission of sponsor, will be deported and will face a lifetime entry ban in UAE. And if the person or company is caught on selling the visa on the name of open visa will be fined heavily and will also be black listed.