Wild Wadi Water Park Dubai

About Wild wadi water park Dubai

Wild Wadi Water Park or Wild Wadi Dubai  is thought to be among the main ten Dubai attractions. This is one of those couple of spots, where you can go through a whole day with your family and companions while having heaps of excitement and fun. It is preferably situated in Jumeirah, near to the Burj Al Arab. The Jumeirah Beach Hotel is additionally adjacent – so visitors who place up in this inn don’t need to invest much time in setting out to achieve the lodging.

The main Features of the wild wadi park

It has a cooled/heated water wave pond one of the main attraction of the park. The other attractions are the water slides covering big space in the park. There are also couple of artificially made surfing machines. The other biggest attraction of the park is the Water Fall that is 18 meter tall wich is almost 60 feet. Its main feature is that is goes off after every ten minutes. All the above described features are briefly described below.

Wild Wadi Park Slides

Wild Wadi Dubai is a mainstream water amusement park with many choices for stimulation and fun. It has a wave pool, alongside a few water slides and also fake surfing machines. It has one of the biggest water slides that are situated in the region. There are additionally two shops in the amusement park from where the visitors can gather their gifts and blessing things. There are three restaurants where the guests can arrange for luxurious dinners. Also, there are a few fast food  too, from where the visitors can get light food. The wild wadi is accessible to host corporate and family occasions as well.

There are numerous conventional slides in Wild Wadi Water Park, which go downhill. There are two sorts of sitting courses of action in every ride – one, which incorporates single sitting game plan, and the other, which incorporates twofold sitting game plan. The distinctive rides accessible for the guests who are hungry for compelling fun and energy incorporate – the bird of prey wrath, passage of Doom, Rushing Rapids, Tumble Falls, and the Thunder Rapids. Family Ride is another decently acknowledged ride, which you can appreciate with your entire group. This is really a 2-section ride. Summit Surge is the first a large portion of this energizing ride, in which the riders can have a tough impact in a pool range. The second piece of the ride is the Rush down Ravine, in which the riders are tackled a 560 ft downhill slide.

The other one of the main attraction of the wild wadi park is “ the Bakers Bay ” it is the largest wave pool slide in the whole gulf. In bakers bay the swimmers can entertain their self with the adjacent waves that are up to 1.5 meters high almost equal to 5 feet.

Although the wild wadi park is open for every one. But still it has some precautions that need to be studied before going to the park. But this place is worth visiting if you are planning to visit Dubai.