Dubai Visa Fee And Documentation


If you want to get the visa of Dubai, then you should know that it depends on many different factors that include the following:
Nationality of the applicant applying for visa.
Why he want to come to Dubai
Duration of his stay in Dubai
The rules and regulations of getting a visa of Dubai changes from time to time and once you see this article, you cannot depend on its information for a very long time. This will be updated with the passage of time and you have to visit it again and again for keeping yourself up to date. Before applying, you should know about the documentation for Dubai visa.


Documentation for Dubai visa is as follows:
Photocopy of passport of applicant.
Photocopy of passport of the sponsor.
Passport’s photograph must be clear, original passport should be scanned instead of scanned copy.
Mentioning the type of visa required (tourist, business, visit etc).
Classification of the permission of visa (short term visit visa, long term visit, multiple-entry visa, complementary).
Minimum validity of candidate’s passport must be six months.
For specifying the sponsor, a letter from foreign ministry of UAE or diplomatic mission is necessary and the further information about sponsor is as follows:


For tourist visa of 30 days, service visa of 14 days or visit visa of 30 to 60days, tourist companies and hotels can apply for your sponsorship.
For 96 hours of transit visa, airlines can apply for the sponsorship of their crew.
The companies or organizations can apply for service and visit visas on your behalf.
Applicant’s relatives, friends or family members already living in Dubai can apply for a visit visa of Dubai for you.


All Dubai visas are valid for the period of 60days before entering the country and following are the Different visa fee of Dubai:
Multiple-entry visa (valid for six months) – 2000AED
Long term visit visa – 1000AED
Short term visit visa – 500AED
Study entry permission – 1000AED
Study entry permission renewal – 500AED
Treatment entry permission – 1000AED
Treatment entry permission renewal – 500AED
Entry permits to attend exhibitions and conferences – 100AED
Tourist visa – 100AED
Tourist visa renewal – 500AED
Visit visa for GCC residents – 100AED
Renewal of visit visa for GCC residents – 500AED
Entry permit for companionship of GCC citizens – 100AED
Renewal of entry permit for companionship of GCC residents – 200AED
Mission entry visa – 200AED
Transit visa – 100AED


Application submitted by the candidate should be completely filled. It would be better if all the information is typed. The documentation for Dubai visa must be complete. Applicant should apply for visa at least 48hours before his need of visa because the processing may take up to 48 hours. It would be better to have the knowledge of visa fee of Dubai before applying. Further information about visas are given in other articles, you can consult them for you guidance. There is seperate article of types of visas for those who want to know about different categories of visa of Dubai.