Vacancies in UAE oil and Gas Company

United Arab Emirates normally referred as UAE is a region that has come out of nowhere and has taken all over the world by its growing yet grasping economy. The country once considered as the residence of most uncivilized and backward community. The majority were of nomads who used to spend their whole life wandering, searching water and pastures for their animals. But one day the Goddess of fortune glimpsed at them and the tables were turned. The nomads found that under the barren lands lay the most unexpected yet expensive treasures. This discovery changed the faith as well the face of UAE. This was the discovery of Oil and Gas reservoirs. The shoe-less nomads who once wandered in the blistering desserts in search of water, suddenly found themselves in the in huge palaces with all the luxuries possibly a man could have.

This was the revival of UAE and this discovery took UAE where it is from where it was. The reservoirs of Oil and Gas UAE are considered as huge as in Kuwait. UAE is believed to have 6 biggest global proved oil and 7 biggest global proved gas reserves. The economy of UAE depends mostly upon their oil and gas production. This is the reason that apart from the national companies many multinational oil and gas companies are also been hosted by UAE.

No doubt this is one of the largest jobs producing industry in the world. The salaries and the allowances that are given by the oil and gas industry have no match with others. This industry is considered to have the largest salaries as well as the benefits in the world. Apart from the benefits and allowances the lowest salary of this industry is 2500 $ which is of labor. That is one of the many reason that people want to have a job in Oil and Gas Companies of UAE.

The companies require different type of skilled people to run their business efficiently. The different type of Jobs in Oil and Gas companies are given below.

Engineers required for Oil and Gas Company.
Geologist required in Oil and Gas Company.
Machine operator required in Oil and Gas Company.
Administrative required in Oil and Gas Company.
Computer operator required in Oil and Gas Company.
Financial expert required in Oil and Gas Company.
Labor required in Oil and Gas Company.
Drivers required in Oil and Gas Company.
Security personals required in Oil and Gas Company.
By mentions all the above jobs one must understand that they must be in need of skilled people every now and then. There sever different Oil and Gas companies which are working in operating from UAE. The List of Few Leading Oil and Gas Company in UAE are given below.

Emirates General Petroleum Corporation.
Abu Dhabi National Oil Company.
Dragon oil.
Crescent Petroleum Company.
Atlantis Holding.
Margham Dubai Establishment.
Bahar Energy Limited.
Petro China International.
RAK petroleum.
Dana Gas.
How to Apply for a Job in UAE Oil and Gas Company

The application process to get a job in UAE oil and gas industry is simple. To make it more simple we are about to tell you the whole procedure step wise. The question is how one would know that there is a possible vacancy in the company. The answer is quiet simple you can get this information by newspapers or by internet.

All the Oil and Gas companies announce jobs by posting ads in leading the newspapers of UAE. Apart from the newspaper you can also Google the above mentioned company name to get your desired information. Once you got the information about the vacant post the next step is to submit the application form. It can either be obtained by the company itself or by downloading it from the official website of that company. After you get the application form fill it up carefully and submit it to the concerned authority. If you are eligible for the job then the human resource department of that company will contact you to inform about test and interview date.

Eligibility Criteria for a Job in Oil and Gas Company in UAE

There is no doubt the oil and gas is one of the largest industries in world. Therefore require hundreds of skilled personals to work for them. The recruitments are done on cent percent merit and every individual is welcomed to test his/her skills and luck. The best part about the job in Oil and Gas Companies in UAE is that apart from their nationals they also welcome skilled persons from other nations to work with them. So if you are not a UAE national you don’t need to worry you can still apply and get the job. Both genders are equally encouraged to apply for the job. However some might find it difficult to meet the eligibility criteria. The basic eligibility criteria for a job in UAE oil and Gas company is given below. It might differ depending upon the job you apply for.

Educational Credentials.
English Proficiency.
NOC (if working).
Medical Fitness Certificate.
Character Certificate.
Valid Passport (if not UAE national).
Above mentioned are the most basic requirements for job in UAE oil and Gas Company. These requirements will differ and might be increased depending upon the job you apply for. The exact requirements can be found on the job advertisements posted by the company.

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