Transportation and Driving Jobs in Oman

Oman is an Arab country in Arabian Peninsula’s southeastern coast. The country is officially known as the Sultanate of Oman and has abundance when it comes to natural resources. Oman is a well-established and developed country with a phenomenal growth rate of 13.10 percent. The country has population of 3.623 million, Oman is has always been famous for its numerous job industries and yet includes the room for many more upcoming and growing industries. One of which is driving and transport industry which indeed is a very important for the efficient work done by other industries.

Transportation and driving are the basic need of every working industry. To determine the fact and elaborate the phenomenon that every working industry needs it we should discuss it in detail. For this purpose we are dissecting the working industry of Oman. The industry includes construction companies, oil and gas companies, hospitality and tourism companies, apart from all these gigantic operating companies there are many others who are in need of these services, like different residents and the individuals who do not possess the certain skill.

Now all of the above mentioned areas need the expertise of drivers and transporters. This is where the business or role of Oman’s transport industry starts. The industry consists of several transport companies which are responsible to provide driving and transport services for acquirers. A transport company is comparatively a small company with few of the working departments in it. The company includes administrating staff, drivers and auto mobile mechanics in it. But most of the work is done by drivers and therefore most of the job vacancies produced by them is of drivers. Few of the leading transportation and driving companies in Oman are:

Hamdan Transport and Logistics
Oman-BDP International
Agility Oman
Europcar Oman
Speedy Oman
Abc Transport services
Oman 24/7
Budget car Oman
These companies owe the responsibility of providing driving and transportation services to all the hiring authorities. The above mentioned services are mostly acquired by hotels, hospitals, tourism, and residential societies. However sometimes they the other major industry acquire the transportation services. The nature of the job might differ depending upon the institution, organization or industry you are working for. Different types of driving and transportation jobs in Oman are:

Truck driving jobs in Oman
Taxi driving jobs in Oman
Personal diving jobs in Oman
Car rental driving jobs in Oman
Public transport driving jobs in Oman
Oman is country booming with growth and opportunities. People from all around the world come in this Arabian country for the purpose of business or leisure. This also opens the chances of business growth for transportation and driving services providers in Oman. That is the reason we are able to see the job ads for drivers and transporters in Oman every now and then. Most of the citizens of Oman are wealthy with rock solid financial stability. Therefore the hiring is mostly done by the help of overseas recruiting agencies. So if you are not a citizen of Oman and want to have a carrier in the transportation industry of Oman you are more than welcome to apply.

The requirements for these jobs are different from many other jobs. As the job doesn’t include any type of certificate or degree, the only thing one need is expertise in the skills of driving. Now driving doesn’t only mean to operate a certain mechanical vehicle but it also includes the knowledge of road rules (sharing with other users by applying efficiency and safety).

Requirements for a driving Job in Oman

The legal driving age in Oman is above 18 and therefore the interested fellow must be above 18. Apart from the age you will need a driving license. If you are not a citizen of Oman, you are allowed to use your foreign license for a short time period which is of 3 months. Afterwards you have to convert it into the license of Oman. This can be done by contacting the royal Oman police force. You will be asked to bring certain documents along with you.

Resident card and passport

License replacement application

A translated copy of the original driving license

NOC via sponsor

Vision test clearance certificate

Apart from the License requirements which we have discussed in detail you must have the two basic driving skills of driving. These two skills will be checked at the time of recruitment for driving jobs in Oman and your selection and rejection will totally depend upon them.

Physical Skills in Driving

The physical skills include your control over the vehicles to direct its acceleration, deceleration and directions. This means that the skill starts from the moment your engine starts till you park it and turn it off. Control over the steering wheel, the transmission of the gears, accelerator, clutch and brakes are all the part and parcel of the physical skills of driving.

Mental Skills in Driving

The mental skill in driving is all about your technique of avoiding and handling the emergency or hostile conditions. The skill includes having road sense, understanding the lane paths, judging the road conditions and having extraordinary concentration along with focus while driving.

Compensations Offered by the Driving and Transportation companies in Oman

Every single company possesses his own policies and rules to run their business, so it is obvious that the payment methodology is not fixed and will differ depending upon your company. Few of the drivers are paid by mile, few by load, few by hours but this totally depends upon your company paying policies. However some of the transport companies offer fixed salaries for their drivers. Boarding and lodging are also one of the offered facilities. So start your expedition of job hunt to join the transportation and driving industry in Oman.

The article enlightens the carrier opportunities in the transport and driving companies of Oman. The article also includes the information about eligibility and requirement to get a job in this booming industry. Still if you acquire any other information feel free to ask. We will answer it in less than 24 hours.