Dubai For Tourism


Every country has a backbone of its economy and backbone of Dubai’s economy is tourism. The mega structures of Dubai attracts the people living in other countries to come and see the miracles of this beautiful country. Tourism in Dubai will give you many wonderful attractions. There is so much to see and explore but there are places which are marked as the “Must-see” places. Firstly, the one and only iconic symbol of Dubai – Burj Al Arab, which is the main center of attraction for tourists in Dubai.


It is the worlds only 7 star hotel and the fourth tallest hotel in the world with a height of 321 meters is also one of the reason for attracting tourists in Dubai. The tour is incomplete without atleast seeing it; The beautiful structure is known as the most luxurious and designed to resemble a billowing sail.
Secondly, Obviously the tallest building of the world – The burj Khalif. The exotic piece of structure is the main attraction Dubai tourists. The real fun comes when you are at its highest floor ; one can see the entire city and its charm from the top. No trip to of tourists in Dubai would be complete without visiting this mega structure.
Moreover, the city has all kinds of entertainment sources from aristocratic areas and classy buildings to desert excitement to give boom to tourism sector of Dubai.


Deserts are considered to be the No-Fun place but its not true. In fact Dubai made its desert a place where infinite fun can be experienced. The desert programs includes Desert safari, Bungee Jumping, Camping, Arabic Buffets and the most famous Belly dancing and dubai tourists know it well


Places like Palm Jumeirah, Ski Dubai, Atlantis and Wild wadiwater park are like heaven on earth. No words can describe their beauty and charisma.
The newest and latest attraction of dubai is ‘Dubai Marina’ which gained a lot of attention of tourists in Dubai in past few months because of its amazing skyscrapers and especially the yacht club. Dubai never wants to be the runner up , it’s the only one and always aims at the top position. Here, the Dubai Marina is the largest Marina in the world and becomes a home for the fantastic yachts. Plus, The Marina Mall is like icing on the cake or a mint to the smoothie; It made the view and the atmosphere much more prettier than it was before.


Dubai relies on tourists of Dubai and so it made uncountable attractions for them to visit. The charm of dubai can not be explored on internet or in pictures but it must be discovered by visiting. Once any one starts exploring Dubai on internet, he will definitely wish to come and see the glory of this beautifully built country. Dubai government gives special attentions to the tourists in Dubai. So come and explore the city of miracles.