Teaching Opportunities in Qatar

Qatar is one of the richest that are included in the Gulf region.  The whole Gulf region may be famous for many things, yet it includes an area which has been far away from the term famous. That area or field is considered to be the field of education.  All of the Arabian countries which combine to form Gulf have paid the least attention on this field, leading it to the edge of dungeons and dooms.

Qatar is also one of the countries that didn’t knew the worth of education and its importance in developing nations, leading to a developed and stable country.  It is common phenomenon that if a lager or bigger part of a system starts to reject a good thing the smaller part does the same and it doesn’t remain an abnormality. The same phenomenon was applied here due to the fact that education was not the area of attention by the administration of Qatar, the lack of interest by the nationals of Qatar also decreased. That absurd behavior of the country toward education led it to the declination and shortage of developed humans.

At last in 2001 the government of Qatar realized their mistake and hired Rand Corporation to deal with this catastrophe.  The responsibility of Rand Corporation was to reform the education sector from the basic level, which they did expertly. One can imagine if the basic level of education is in holes what would be the conditions in advanced or higher level of education.  However the problem was dealt with expertise and competency by the hired corporation. The government of Qatar also put their share in the efforts by inviting several foreign educational institutions along which many educational experts.

This invitation to educational institutes along with the educational consultancy helped a lot in reforming education sector of Qatar. Apart from the foreign help many new schools, colleges and universities were also opened in Qatar. Despite of doing all that the country still faced a very big challenge of making the minds of their nationals to educate their youth. The problem was solved gradually by counseling and providing their people many reliefs such as free education.

This phenomenal growth and expansion in the education sector of Qatar led to the production of many job opportunities. The educational sector of Qatar acquires the assistance of teaching staff every now and then. There is no doubt in the fact that Qatar nationals are preferred for the job in every manner. However due to the lack in professional expertise and competency many foreign nationals are also included in the teaching staff.

Qatar is considered to be one of the biggest job industry holders and create thousands of job opportunities. But among all the jobs teaching in Qatar is considered to be the best.  Apart from the fact that teaching is one of the noblest professions in the world. The job brings many tempting benefits along, such as tax free salaries, 5 star accommodations, business class traveling allowances, medical insurance and off month’s salaries. Above all these mentioned benefits the living experience in Qatar itself is a biggest delight and has no match with any other thing. This would definitely be a life changing experience for those who haven’t visited Qatar yet.

The jobs for teaching staff are mostly advertised in newspapers and other social forums. The individuals who are not living in Qatar often get confused due to the fact that most of the jobs ads are not published by using Qatar’s name; instead the name of relevant city or institute is used. So the confusion is obvious, as it would be absurd to expect his/her familiarity with all of the country’s cities and educational institutes. That is why we consider it our prior responsibility to help you out by providing some of the teaching job ad examples.

  1. Primary teachers required in NQT
  2. Jobs in ICT Qatar
  3. Teaching Staff required in Travel and Tourism Doha
  4. Reaching Faculty required In University of Qatar
  5. Upper Primary teacher required in a school (Doha)

How to apply for a teaching job in Qatar

If you are thinking about starting you carrier in Qatar as a teacher, congratulations you are going on the right path. The next step after making up your mind is to get the job, for the purpose you have to apply for it. You have to fill up a job application and mail it to the hiring institute along scanned copies of your documents and resume. After doing that the job on your part is done, the hiring authorities now have your credentials including the personal detail and your job is to wait for their call. If they considered you for the job you will be contacted by one of their representatives.

   Eligibility Criteria for Teaching Jobs in Qatar

As we all know the teaching jobs involve the education sector and institutes, so it is obvious that the applicant must have an at least a degree of Masters and competency in his/her subject. The eligibility definitely depends upon the post and subject for which the teacher is required. Apart from it there are few basic requirements that one must meet if wants the job of a teacher in Qatar.

  1. Original educational credentials (Attested)
  2. Experience (Mandatory)
  3. English proficiency (Arabic occasionally)
  4. Character certificate (from last educational institute)
  5. Police clearance certificate (must not be involved in any criminal activity)
  6. Valid passport (if not Qatar national)

The article provides an overview about the education sector of Qatar and job opportunities produced by it. The article also includes the application procedure and eligibility criteria for teaching job in Qatar. Still if you have any question related to the article leave it in comment box. The answer will be provided in less than 24 hours.