Teaching Jobs in UAE

United Arab Emirates a gigantic federation which is also referred as Gulf was once known as the land of nomads, barrens and deserts. Due to the barbarian nature and hostile environment no even thought about stepping on that land. But take a look where it is today? What has it achieved? Is it the still known as the land of barrens and deserts? The answer is no today UAE is considered to be one of the most prestigious and exclusive places in the world. Above 70 percent of the world famous events are hosted by UAE. UAE is always pouring out of tourists and visitors.

The question what changed the horrifying and barbarian reputation into the most pleasant and delightful experience? The answer is simple the revolution in the education sector which made an important role in civilizing the community of UAE. That was all education which enabled the people to choose right from wrong and provided with it a path to prosperity.

In early days education was definitely not the strongest hold of UAE and therefore their nationals had to switch to any foreign soil. Only few privileged individuals were able to do so and the majority had to stay in the dark away from the light of knowledge. Most of the individuals who went abroad for education never tend to come back and few who came back never tried to put their effort in establishing their own educational institute. The conditions were catastrophic and the country was near to be doomed, when the administration realized the need of paying serious attention and reviving the educational sector.

As done by any other when one does not possess the required skilled person within, they tend to seek him across the borders. The same strategy was applied by UAE. UAE started hiring teachers for all disciplines across the borders. The plan was simple bring the best teachers and educational consultants for educating the citizens and at the same time get UAE’s own nationals trained by them. All the things went according to the plan and the results were fruitful. At last UAE was able to raise its own educational empire. The famous educational institutes in UAE are:

United Arab Emirates University
Ajman University of Science and Technology
Abu Dhabi University
But due to the fact that this revival was made possible by the help of many foreign nationals UAE still hosts many foreign teachers. These teachers are shown great hospitality and treated with reverence by the administration and community of UAE.

There is no doubt about the fact that job of teacher in UAE is one of the finest that anyone could think off. Apart from good salary with huge benefits, it’s one of the noblest professions in the world. One gets respect from the students as well the community. The teachers with other nationalities are even better. They get even higher salaries and all the privileges one could possibly have. So if you are on a job hunt or putting your first step in the professional life, do consider this profession. This is a choice I bet you will never regret.

How to Apply on a Post of Teacher in UAE

As we know that UAE includes 7 Emirates therefore each year UAE announces hundreds of jobs for teachers. The jobs are mostly published in UAE’s newspapers but as this the era of technology s social networking and other sites are also used for ad posting. The ads are mostly posted by representing single Emirate and the subject for which teacher is required also mentioned in it. To elaborate the phenomenon further we are about to present some examples.

English teachers required for (School/College) in Dubai.
English teachers required for (School/College) in Abu Dhabi.
English teachers required for (School/College) in Sharjah.
Mathematics teachers required for (School/College) in Dubai.
Science teachers required for (School/College) in Dubai.
Mathematics teachers required for (School/College) in Abu Dhabi.
Science teachers required for (School/College) in Abu Dhabi.
You have to choose the subject in which you have the command and then submit your resume along with a job application. Apart from the schools and colleges the universities of UAE announces jobs for vacant posts of lecturers and professors. The same methodology can be applied to apply for a job in UAE University as in schools and colleges.

Eligibility Criteria to Get Teaching Jobs in UAE

The requirements or the eligibility criteria differ depending upon the educational institute you choose. Like any other educational organization UAE also possess three different levels of education.

Now the requirements and eligibility depends upon the level that you choose. It is very obvious that the educational as well as the experience required will differ between schools and colleges or between colleges and universities. But we are about to discuss with you the basic requirements that every educational institute in Bahrain will ask for.

Attested and verified copies of all the educational documents.
Experience certificates with references.
Character certificate (from last organization you worked with)
NOC (if still working)
Police clearance certificate (to prove that you do not have a criminal record)
These are the basic requirements that would be needed to become a teacher in UAE. If the hiring authority has any other documentary requirement they will let you know about it before the interview.

The article is an effort to enlighten our readers about the educational sector in UAE and to provide them guidance if they are interested in applying for a teaching job in UAE. If you have any question related to the topic, feel free to leave your question in the comment box. We will be back to you within 24 hours along with your required answer.