Teaching Jobs in Bahrain

“Seek knowledge even if you have to go China” these were one of the most prestigious quotes by the last Prophet Muhammad (SAW). No one can deny the importance of knowledge and education especially in the modern era. All the development and the prosperity that we see today around us are just because of it. Man has reached moon from the dark caves. All this transformation has been made possible just because of knowledge and education. The entire modern world especially the developed countries had recognized the importance of learning. But from the last decade or so the so called third world countries had also joined the race and are spending a huge sum in their education sector.

Middle Eastern Countries once known as the land of nomads has also recognized its importance and had been treating it with highest level of reverence. Bahrain is one of the countries which have lately shown his interest in the education sector and since then has been investing in its infrastructure. Bahrain has never been a country which is recognized by its educational sector and that’s because we have never heard about any renowned college or university of Bahrain.

As it’s the start for Bahrain and is still considered as a newcomer in the field of education. So it is obvious that education level and quality is not up to the mark. That is the basic reason that most of the Bahraini citizens choose foreign soil for it. But the problem was that after completing their education the individuals preferred to get settled in there with no interest of returning back. Now this mentality alarmed the running authority of Bahrain and made that change their mentality.

So after planning of months the government of Bahrain came to a conclusion and decided to convert their educational sector into an absolute one. And for the purpose the government of Bahrain started hiring teachers and educational consultants from all over the world. The plan was to start from schooling and take it to the highest level of education which they executed successfully. In this way there were able to provide education for their nationals and at the same time were also able to train their own people to become teachers in future.

The government of Bahrain successfully achieved whatever they wanted to achieve by executing the plan and were able to transform the education sector. After the revival few of the famous educational institutes in Bahrain are:

University of Bahrain
Bahrain Polytechnic
AMA international University
College of Health Sciences Bahrain
The best part is that even after the revival of education sector Bahrain still invites and hosts foreign nationals. That’s the reason we can always find teaching jobs in Bahrain. The fact is obvious that there skilled nationals are preferred but still have enough room for overseas teachers.

Mostly the vacant teaching posts in Bahrain are of schools and colleges but once in a while one might get a post in Bahrain University. The whole process of hiring foreign national comes under the ministry of education and they normally tend to hire subject specialists, as by the request of concerned educational institute. The educational institutes in Bahrain require teachers for almost all the subjects and languages. So if you have a command over the language or subject and you think that you can teach you are more than welcome to test your luck.

The teaching jobs in Bahrain come with many benefits not only for the nationals but for foreign nationals too. Starting with handsome salaries with benefits including different allowances and if you are a foreign national you will be privileged even more. Apart from the all above mentioned benefits you will also be awarded with air ticket and will also get salary on your holidays. So if you are about to get your foot into the professional life or want to switch your job do consider having a carrier in Bahrain as a teacher.

How to Apply for Teaching in Bahrain

The application process depends upon your nationality very much. If you are a citizen of Bahrain it’s very simple for you. But if you are a foreign national and are on another soil you might have to do some extra tings. But the basic procedure is same as you can get the advertisement for teaching jobs in Bahrain from all the leading newspapers of Bahrain. The other way is to find it online on sever educational websites of Bahrain. The technical part is for which post you apply. You will get the job advertisements as under:

English teachers required for Bahrain (school/college)
Mathematics teachers required for Bahrain (school/college)
Science teachers required for Bahrain (school/college)
Arabic teachers required for Bahrain (school/college)
Teachers required for O & A level in Bahrain
These are the few example of teaching job ads that you will find. You have to choose your relevant subject and then apply. All that you have to do is to submit a job application along with your resume.

Eligibility Criteria for a Teaching job in Bahrain

The eligibility criteria or the requirements for becoming a teacher in Bahrain is very obvious and includes all the basic things which would be demanded by any educational organization across the world. The requirements are given below.

Verified and attested educational documents.
Experience certificates with references.
NOC (if working).
Character certificate.
Valid passport (if not Bahrain national).
These were the most basic requirements that would be asked by any educational institute in Bahrain. There might be few more documentary requirements depending upon the policy of your institute you apply in.

The effort made is to provide some useful information on the education sector of Bahrain for the individuals who want to have a teaching carrier in Bahrain. But if you don’t find what you are looking for do leave a massage. Our team will get back to you within 24 hours.