Security Guard Jobs in UAE

UAE (United Arab Emirates) or simply known as Emirates is a gigantic federation of 7 emirates. Due to the fact that it is such an enormous federation, it is quite obvious that it is a business hub. Hence it has very tropical yet blistering environment but still processes an extraordinary hospitality and worth sightseeing, so it is not an amazement that it is one of the favorite destination of tourists.

 Now if there is a place with so much potential there must be some extraordinary measures which had been taken from their administration to make people safe and secure. This has been made possible by the help of many private security guard companies in UAE. These companies are obliged to provide security services 24/7 and are responsible if any unpleasant incident occurs in their presence.  The security companies includes sever x military as well as security personals. The security guards provided by these companies are highly skilled and efficient. This is one of the many reasons that they are blindly trusted by the hiring authorities.

Few of the leading private security guard companies in UAE

  1. Spark Security
  2. Security Services
  3. Emirates Security
  4. Dubai World Security
  5. Bently Saftey and Security
  6. Midas Security
  7. Blackcat Security
  8. Rangers International Security Services
  9. Advanced Security Services
  10. Loin Heart Security Services

The above mentioned companies are the few of many security companies in UAE. The best part is that majority of the security guards processed by these companies are overseas personals and a grand percentage of them are from Asia especially Pakistan.

Each year UAE announces hundreds of security guard vacancies. The people from all states         regions and countries are also encouraged to apply for these posts. The recruitment is handled by the professionals of HR department and is done on 100 percent merit without any discrimination. So it is an outstanding opportunity for those who want to have career in security services. The job in UAE comes with many benefits including social security and all the insurances. The security guard jobs in UAE are not that harsh and brutal as it is in other third world countries and can easily be managed. Therefore if you are planning to switch a job, this is the kind of job which you must consider before choosing any other job.

How to Apply for a Security Guard Job in UAE

The security services job of UAE are published every now and then in newspapers but you can also search for the job online. There are tons of ads posted in newspapers as well as the websites.

You may also find these job advertisement by single emirate name instead of combined United Arab Emirates or UAE. The job posted by mentioning an individual emirate be like:

  • Security Guard Jobs In Dubai
  • Security Guard Jobs in Abu Dhabi
  • Security Guard Jobs In Sharjah and as follows

All you have to do is to choose a company in which you are interested and send them your resume either by an e-mail or by posting your mail. If they found your cv good enough they will give you a call and will inform you about your interview.

Eligibility Criteria for UAE Security Guard Jobs

The eligibility criteria for the security guard jobs in UAE is not that strict. Yet it includes the basic requirements of a security personal which are quiet obvious.

The requirements to become a security guard in UAE

  1. Height above 5.5 feet.
  2. Chest size above 34.
  3. Physically fit and active.
  4. High school/ graduate.
  5. Basic knowledge about the security services.
  6. English proficiency.
  7. Police clearance certificate.
  8. NOC

The above mentioned are the requirements which are considered by most of the security provider companies in UAE. If you find compatible with those you are encouraged to apply and if the company find you good enough for the job the company will hire you on a two year contract which can be extended depending upon your performance.

Different Security Guard Jobs In UAE

As discussed before about UAE being a pleasure as well as business hub and is privileged to host several foreign delegations. So it is obvious that it requires the security personals for multi-location which are as follows:

  1. Security Guard Jobs in UAE offices.
  2. Security Guard jobs in UAE hospitals.
  3. `Security Guard jobs in UAE hotels.
  4. Security Guard Jobs in UAE Schools and Colleges
  5. Security Guard Jobs in UAE Housing societies
  6. Security Guard Jobs on UAE ports.

The security services is a growing industry which keeps its employee beneficial by the huge profits that they make. The security jobs comes with many benefit starting with the salary.

The security guards are handsomely paid, starting a salary from 5 to 6 thousand dirhams.

The boarding lodging as well as the transport facilities are offered by the hiring company. The recruit also has a medical as well as a life insurance which is again paid and organized by the company. By discussing all that the conclusion that we get is that it is one of the most attractive and good job, so do consider it when you are looking for a job.

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