Safety Officer Jobs in UAE

UAE has been through a phenomenal phase of transformation and in that phase the world has witnessed an extraordinary infrastructural development. The country that once had nothing but sand of deserts now possesses one of the world’s greatest infrastructures. This development and boost have been a joint venture of many entities but the one which takes most of its credit is construction industry of UAE. The industry includes number of construction companies in it which are responsible to make UAE as we see it today.

A construction company includes several different departments and divisions in it. Therefore a lot of man power is acquired by these companies to perform efficiently.  There is also no doubt in the fact that all the departments are very important and are considered as pillars of the company.  Among all the departments the one which in my humble opinion is the most important is the work place health and safety department of the construction companies in UAE. The personals providing services in this department are known as work place health and safety officers or commonly referred as safety officers.

The job of a safety officer in a construction company is very crucial and important, as it involves the protection and safety of hundreds of workers on a construction site. The job comes with great responsibility, as the slightest error or mistake can cost so many lives. The job description or in simple words the duties of a safety officer in a construction company are, to inspect the site and take necessary measures to make it a hazard free zone, the examination of tools and equipment to verify their safety at usage, raising awareness for safe practices at work site, ensuring and enforcing safety guidelines while working, conducting different training and workshops to show that how to deal in emergency situations, investigating any near miss or catastrophe at the work site and managing its report for the higher authorities, watches and responds for all workers entering in hazardous situations.

The above mentioned are few of the duties that a safety officer perform in all the construction companies in UAE. The combine government of UAE has always been very clear about their labor laws and policies. The policies leave no room when it comes to safety and security of workers and therefore hiring of safety officer is mandatory for all the construction companies in UAE. If any of the construction companies disobey or break this law its license and all of the ongoing projects are cancelled. Therefore the construction companies of UAE don’t even think about starting their company without safety officers.

The jobs for safety officers in the construction companies of UAE are advertised in all of the leading newspapers. Apart from the newspapers many hiring companies are also involved, which normally use social forums and job websites for advertisement. The good thing about safety officer job in UAE is that apart from their nationals other nationalities are also welcomed to apply for the job. The most common problem that people living in other parts of the world come across is that they are always confused about the job ads. The confusion is due to the fact that the job is not always published by using the name of UAE. Sometimes the concerned company or Emirate name is used where the services are required. To help those who are not familiar with UAE and get confused about the job ads we are about to present few of the safety officer job ad examples.

  1. Safety officer jobs in Dubai
  2. Safety officer jobs in Abu Dhabi
  3. Safety officer jobs in Sharjah
  4. Safety officer jobs in OGASCO
  5. Safety officer jobs in Royal International Construction

The above mentioned are few of the examples of job ads that you might come across. In the first three names of the concerned Emirate is used and in the last two names of the concerned companies are used instead of UAE.

Benefits of Safety officer jobs in UAE

The job of safety officer in UAE includes many attractions and benefits in it. The especially becomes more attractive for the individuals who are living on soils other than UAE’s. They get a chance of experiencing an amazing environment along with the essence of rich Arabian culture. This is definitely a life time experience that one shouldn’t be missed for anything in the world.  The other benefits of safety officer jobs are:

  1. Least salary 1500$
  2. Boarding lodging facilities
  3. Medical insurance
  4. Paid off days
  5. Traveling coverage
  6. Paid air fares

How to apply for a safety officer job in UAE

The procedure to apply for the job of safety officer in UAE is very simple and involves the basic protocols of job application. The job application for the safety officer job is normally available on the official websites of concerned companies. You can also get that from the front desks of concerned authorities. You have to fill up the application form and send it to the concerned company along with your resume. The individuals living in other countries are advised to contact their overseas employment organizations before applying for the job.

Eligibility Criteria for safety officer job in UAE

The safety officer job doesn’t require any professional degrees. The only and basic requirement for the job is a certification preferably NEBOSH. This is 6 month certification and can be completed in less than 6 months. Apart from the certification there are few basic requirements that are demanded by almost all the construction companies of UAE.

  1. Attested and verified documents
  2. English and Arabic proficiency
  3. Experience certificate
  4. NOC (if already employed)
  5. Police clearance certificate (overseas)
  6. Medical and physical fitness certificate (overseas)
  7. Valid passport (overseas)

The article provides an overview about the job opportunities for safety officers in UAE construction companies. The article also provides guidelines for application procedure for the job. Still if you have any question in the comment box; leave it in the comment box given below. We will respond you in less than 24 hours.