Police Jobs in UAE

There was a time when Middle East was considered one of the safest and calmest regions. People from all over the world loved to visit this part. Many even switched and settled in this region. In short Middle East was growing and flourishing at that time. It was no doubt the Golden Era for Middle East but the whole region has been converted into to a battle field for the last decade or so. One cannot find any sense of security, not even the nationals. So that would be absurd to think the possibility of any foreign interest. But still there are few parts which are still considered safe and possess multinational citizens as well.

UAE or Emirates is well known for among the Middle Eastern region because of its safe and secure environment. For making UAE safe and peaceful there is no one who can take the credit but the security forces of UAE. The security force covers a very large are and therefore consists of several different departments in it. One of which is police department which is responsible to maintain the law and order with in the state.

The police department of UAE is responsible for interstate protection and their duty is to make people feel safe. As UAE is federation of seven different emirates, so each emirate has his own police force which has jurisdictions within the borders of their state. But they are allowed to share information among each other. Dubai and Abu Dhabi have the largest police force among all the emirates and are very much influenced by the British police system. The police department comes under the interior ministry and reports directly to it.

How to Apply for police Job in UAE

UAE police announces hundreds of job vacancies each year. One can find the job advertisements in the leading newspapers of UAE. You can also apply online for UAE police jobs by visiting the official websites. Apart from the UAE nationals other residents are also encouraged to apply for the job. The job ads are often posted by the name of single emirate. So don’t get confused if you find the job ad as:

  1. Police Jobs in Dubai
  2. Police Jobs in Abu Dhabi
  3. Police Jobs in Sharjah

All you have to do is to download the application form from the website and fill it. After you are done with it you can post it to the given address or deliver it by hand. But the easiest way is to apply online for UAE police job. For it saves your time and keep you apart of the inconvenience caused by going in person to deliver the application.

Eligibility Criteria for UAE Police Job

The eligibility criterion to join UAE police force is a little tough. It is perfectly understandable that the recruitment is for one of the most important and position. The person selected will be responsible for the safety of citizen’s lives and properties. Therefore the requirements for a police officer are up to mark and interested candidate should meet them to be honored and privileged by this job.

  1. Height above 5.8 feet.
  2. Chest size more than 36.
  3. Physically fit.
  4. Police clearance certificate.
  5. Proficient education level.
  6. Proficiency in English and Arabic.

These are the basic requirements for UAE police department. However they may differ in depending upon the departments you choose. UAE police department includes several separate sub departments which are:

  1. The general department of operations.
  2. The general department of E-Services.
  3. The general department of criminal investigation.
  4. Decision making support center.
  5. Police dog unit.
  6. General Department of administrative affairs.
  7. Protective security and emergency.
  8. General department of Airport securities.
  9. General department of Traffic.

These are sub departments unify and make a gigantic institute known as the UAE police department. Due to the efficient work of all these departments the people in UAE fell safe and secure. As a matter of fact the whole burden of Emirate’s internal security is on the able shoulders of these dedicated police officers.

Reason to join UAE police Force

Apart from the fact that it is the most prestigious and honored job among many jobs in UAE is that the job in UAE police comes with many benefits. For starters we could say high pay scales. The average salary of a police officer in UAE is above 15000 Dirham. They are also privileged to have medical and live insurances. Police is also awarded with several allowances including home allowance.  This is the most basic act of all big institutes and organizations that they tend to take care of each and every problem of their employees. You must have heard about the famous saying “You take care of your employees and the employees will take care of your customers”.

In the last I would like to say that if you are in a start of your professional carrier or thinking about switching the current job. Do consider about joining the UAE police force.

If you have any questions about the police jobs in UAE feel free to ask. You can leave your question in the comment box and we will get back to you in time.