Oil and Gas Jobs in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arab is one of the largest Arab countries and marks a very important geographical and strategic position on world’s map. To add more geographically Saudi Arabia is the fifth largest country in Asia. It was founded in 1932 by Ibn Saud after the historical of uniting all of the four separate regions and turning them into a single state. Today Saudi Arab is considered to be one of the richest countries in the world. The core of this country is filled with one of the world’s largest natural resources. Saudi Arabia has the second largest oil and sixth largest gas reservoirs. The economy of whole country depends on these reservoirs.

Due to such vastly spread oil and gas field the country also includes many offshore and onshore oil and gas companies. Saudi oil and gas are considered to be one the largest industries in whole world as sharing the outcomes of these reservoirs are mostly done by this industry. This fast going industry is also famous for the number of jobs that it produces. The jobs in any oil and gas company is considered to be a dream of every single person on this planet and if the job is in Saudi Oil and Gas then what more can a man ask for. Saudi Arabian oil and Gas jobs are the most lavishing and world class experience. The salary packages and benefits that come with these jobs have no match. That is the reason behind the fact that each year thousands of job applications are received by this gigantic industry and many of the lucky applicants get appointed on their dream job. Some of the leading oil and gas companies in Saudi Arabia are:

Aldrees Petroleum
Nama Chemicals
Petro Rabigh
Saudi Aramco
Saudi Basic Industries Corporation
Yanbu National Petrochemical
Saudi oil and gas includes different job categories in it and therefore requires individuals having certain skills and talents. Each of the jobs includes several posts for supporting and subordinate staff in it. For example if there is an announcement for the requirement of engineering staff. It will not only include engineers but also technicians, helpers and a descent number of individuals in supporting staff in it. There is also another common problem among us that we get confused between petroleum and oil/gas companies. The reason behind this confusion is that we think that these industries are some different from each other. However they are absolutely the same companies with only the difference in name. Sometimes the job is advertised by using the name of city in which the company has its foundation or by directly mentioning the name of the company. So don’t get confused and apply you will find the exact job if any of them hires you. To elaborate it further we are mentioning few job ads below.

Calibration supervisor required in jubali oil and gas.
Electrical superintendent required in oil and gas Turaif.
Jobs in Naphtha reformer as shift supervisor.
Engineering jobs in oil and gas company Riyadh.
Construction specialist required by Saudi petrochemical.
How to Apply in Saudi oil and gas

The best way of applying for a job in Saudi oil and gas is online. After the job announcement made by company all you need to do is to send your resume with a job application via mail. The company will judge you by resume and if your mentioned skill meets the eligibility criteria for the job. You will be contacted by the company to inform you about the further procedure which normally includes test and interview. Some of the jobs may need a different treatment especially the supporting staff and labors. You have to meet the hiring authority in person and by hand submit your job application. The selection or rejection will be spot on.

Eligibility Criteria to join oil and gas Saudi Arabia

As discussed in detail that the oil and gas industry includes number of different jobs in it. So it is obvious that the eligibility criteria will not be the same. For example the eligibility criteria to join oil and gas as a driver will be different from a mechanical engineer. Both are totally different type of jobs and will need separate skills to perform it. The eligibility or requirement totally depends upon the job that you are interested in. Still there are few basic requirements that we are about to mention for your assistance.

Original and verified education documents
Work experience certificates with valid references
No objection certificate (for individuals have certain occupation)
Medical certificate
Character certificate
Police clearance certificate (non-criminal record)
Valid passport with at least two blank pages ( for overseas personals)
Above mentioned basic requirements will be implemented on almost all of the jobs. The best thing about the jobs is that nationals of the foreign states can also apply for them. Genders are equally treated at that time of recruitment. The hiring is done by a team of professionals without any kind of discrimination. After you are selected for the job you will have a year initial contract in your hand. This first year is known as the probation period and if you worked efficiently in this period. You can enjoy the rest of your time in this company with a contract of many years.

The article is to provide you the basic knowledge about the oil and gas companies of Saudi Arabia and inform you about the carrier opportunities offered by these companies. I hope the article has full filled the job of doing so but if you still have any question relevant to the topic. You are more than welcome to leave your question in the below given comment box. Our team will respond in 24 hours.