Oil and Gas Jobs in Bahrain

Bahrain was assumed to be an ordinary part of Gulf with no specialty apart from being an island since October 1931 when the traces of oil and gas reservoirs were found under the Bahrain soil. This discovery could change the face of Bahrain but they had to wait till the extraction, to make sure that the reservoirs are good enough to produce oil and gas in abundance. They expedition started by digging down a well into the core of soil. The suggested name of the well was first oil well which is understandable, as it was the first dug well in search of crude oil. The morning of 2 June 1932 cannot be forgotten by any of the Bahrain national, as it was the morning when the well started pouring oil out of it. This was the morning that changed Bahrain’s value in the eyes of world.

This discovery gave Bahrain’s economy a sudden boost and till date Bahrain hasn’t looked back and have started a journey on a path that lead it to the heaven of prosperity and development. Today the currency of Bahrain is valued as the 2nd highest around the world. This high valued currency shows the economic stability and growth rate of Bahrain. Oil and Gas is one of the largest industries in Bahrain and therefore requires a great number of man power to work more efficiently. Some of the few famous oil and gas companies of Bahrain are:

Bahrain petroleum company
National oil and gas authority
Tatweer petroleum
Bahrain natural gas
As we know that Bahrain is not a very heavily populated country. So it is obvious that it cannot meet the required man power of this industry. Bahrain oil and gas industry requires several skilled persons including engineers, geologists, admin staff and labor for different jobs and that’s the reason that they are happy enough to seek them across the borders.

Each year the companies announce hundreds of jobs in Bahrain oil and gas. Apart from the nationals and citizens of Bahrain, several foreign nationals are welcomed to join this leading industry of Bahrain. The recruitment is done without any discrimination and on merit by the HR departments of concerned companies. Both genders are equally encouraged to apply for the jobs.

The jobs in Bahrain oil and Gas are considered to be one of the most lavishing jobs. There are number of factors behind titling and marking the job is one of the best in Bahrain. The factors and the benefits of Joining Bahrain oil and gas are:

Remuneration from the world class benefit package
Insurance services
Health plan
Welfare pension
Educational Assistance
Paid time off
Balance work/Life
So if you are a skilled person and think that you have what it takes to be a part of Bahrain oil and Gas industry. Apply today for a vacant post in oil and gas Bahrain and lead a life that most people can only dream off.

As we have discussed earlier that Bahrain Oil and Gas is one of the largest industries of Bahrain, so it is obvious that the number of jobs that they produce is also huge. The industry requires several skilled personals of their multiple job tasks. Few of the jobs in Bahrain Oil and gas are:

Non Petro- technical jobs in Bahrain
Petroleum engineering jobs in Bahrain
Oil and gas construction jobs in Bahrain
Drilling and completion jobs in Bahrain
Line worker jobs in Bahrain Petroleum
Electrician jobs in Bahrain Petroleum
Dispatcher jobs in Bahrain Petroleum
Nuclear and fossil plant operator jobs in Bahrain Petroleum
Sales and marketing corporate jobs in Bahrain Petroleum
Labor jobs in Bahrain Petroleum
How to apply in oil and Gas Bahrain

Vacant posts in Bahrain oil and gas is the type of ad that you have often seen in Bahrain’s newspapers or online if you are a computer nerd. The easiest way to apply for Bahrain oil and gas is online. Fill up the application form carefully by following the given instructions. While entering your personal details in the form, be very precise and careful. As it is the only source from which the company can contact you. Once you are done with it you will be contacted by the company revealing your test date and interview.

Eligibility Criteria for oil and gas jobs in Bahrain

The term eligibility means the requirements that one’s employer have while hiring you for a specific job. These are the requirements that one have to meet if he/she desires to be hired. Each company has different requirement for the job depending upon the job they announce. As we have discussed before that oil and gas is a gigantic industry all by itself and produces several different type of jobs. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that the eligibility or the requirement will change depending upon the jobs you are intended to be hired. But to provide you some guidance we are mentioning few of the details.

Attested and verified credentials
Authentic experience letters with references
Medical fitness certificate
NOC (if already employed)
Character Certificate
Valid Passport ( if foreign national)
The above mentioned are the basic requirements. The rest would be informed by the hiring company after you submit your job application in Bahrain Oil and Gas Company.

The article written is only an effort to help the individuals who seek a carrier in Oil and Gas Bahrain. If you are not able to locate the information you need. You can ask it by leaving a message in the comment box. Our team will respond you within 24 hours with your desired information.