Dubai Mushrif park


The Mushrif park is the largest and oldest park in the city. The beautiful Mushrif park Dubai was opened in the year 1980 and it covers an area of 525 hectares which is 1297 acres. The desert-inspired park is operated by “Dubai Public Parks”, Dubai municipality. The Dubai Mushrif park is located in the eastern side of the city and can be accessed easily by many routes. In the year 1989, the park was expanded to make it more huge and greener. Basically, Mushrif park Dubai is quite differnt from ordinary parks because of its desert-inspired look and wildlife. Actually, The largest park of Dubai is created in a way which shows a true natural environment- it is completely free of artificial stuff and material. Park should be kept and developed in a environmental friendly way.


Dubai’s oldest Mushrif park has some amusing activity zones which provides extreme excitement to visitors. The activities includes horse riding, kids playing area, a mini train which guides you the whole park region, BBQ area, cycling track, walking and jogging tracks, prayer rooms and a theatre. To start with, the horse riding area is simply amazing and mostly adored by Arab teens. Doing horse riding in a park can be rare and unusual for some people when they first hear this thing but yes this can happen in the one and only Dubai’s Mushrif park. Secondly, who doesn’t want to dive in a pool especially in hot summer days? Dubai is known for its hot climate but Mushrif park offers you the wet-splashy fun where you can swim, dive and seize all the excitement. Thirdly, on weekends we can see the extreme crowd and rush in the city due to two off days and majority of them can be seen doing Bar-B-Que on the dunes, desert and parks but hold on! Not every park allows the activity of grilling. The largest park of Dubai has a separate segment for bar b que where families can enjoy their fired and grilled up meals. Plus, grillers are available too for visitors so they need not to bring their own.


The park is a place for kids mainly and they want something which can make them happy and excited. The largest park of Dubai has a amazing and amusing area for children which offers many differnt rides and games. For diet and fitness conscious people, there is specially designed tracks for jogging and walking Dubai Mushrif where one jog and walk easily to keep their workout routine maintained and balanced. Further more, cycling tracks are also created for cycling lovers, so people can ride easily without creating disturbance among others.


As we know that it is an Islamic region so there is a facility of prayer rooms too – women and men can easily offer salah in the separate sections. A mini zoo in the Mushrif park Dubai plays a role of “cream on the coffee” and adds more value to it. The zoo is not that massive but it has some animals and differnt species of birds which can grab visitor’s attention. Last but not the least, the Mushrif park organizes many events during festivals such as Eid in the owned theatre of the Mushrif park Dubai. The Dubai Mushrif park costs really amount of money and charges only 10 Dhs per car. Little fee price and Lot of excitement? Isn’t it great package of fun? Mushrif park is waiting for you to come and enjoy!