Garden of Miracles

Dubai Miracle Garden

As we all know that the weather of Dubai is not that pleasant and cool, but it is mostly hot and humid whole year. United Arab Emirates is mainly a deserted land or we can call it an island. No doubt that the country has all the beautiful sights, skyscrapers, advanced and improved technology and classy places to visit but the thing which is missing or lacking is the Natural beauty of Dubai which mainly includes the greenery and flowers. Actually, Flowers have been playing a great role in association with human life – One’s mood can be easily changed by just seeing a Beautiful flower!


After realizing the facts hand importance of flowers, Dubai broke all the records and has succeeded in making a place where people can come and enjoy the environment filled with Flowers. It is not just a place but it’s a huge garden where you can find over 45 million different flowers. The garden is called “The Miracle Garden”. But Why they named it as Miracle Garden? This is because it is not less than a miracle, wide variety of flowers in desert area is actually not an easy job to create. The striking garden is one of the most breathtaking sites in Dubai.


The miracle garden Dubai showcases the stunning flowers arranged in different and unique shapes such as hearts, stars, igloos, pyramids and figures of different birds and animals. Moreover, the entrance is decorated with a giant flag of United Arab Emirates made by flowers with green, black, red and white color (Flag colors).


Dubai miracle garden was started on 23 november in 2012 and was opened on 14th February in 2013. It covers an area of 80,000 square feet and has over 45 million flowers in 60 different colors. In addition to this , the miracle garden Dubai can become the largest vertical garden in the world as the latest reports says this. The next plan is to make a Butterfly garden in it which will feature 10,000 different kinds of butterfly species. Furthermore, there is one more aim which is still pending is to create a plant garden too where visitors can pick their favourite fruits and vegetables. These plans and ideas are going to be done soon to enhance and improve the miracle garden Dubai.


The miracle garden Dubai is located at the finest premise but no direct RTA bus goes to this garden. Dubai miracle garden is at walking distance from Arabian ranches and takes only few minutes to reach there. If anyone wants to go by metro they can choose Sharaf DG and internet city stations – both routes has a distance of 11km from stations to garden. Dubai miracle garden offers all the fun with an entrance fee of 30 dhs per person but takes no money/entrance fee from children who are below 8 years and from disabled too. The timings for week days starts from 9am to 9pm whereas on weekends it ends till 11pm. The garden is magical Dubai, splendid and a wonder on earth. Who on earth doesn’t want to visit this miraculous place? It is fun happy garden concealed with millions of flamboyant, vibrant and colorful flowers.