The Dubai Metro Train

The Dubai Metro Service is a without driver complete automatic train service in the united Arab emirates. Surprisingly all of the trains in this network are fully air conditioned along with the stations. Due to the inauguration of this service the passengers comfort level has been increased.

About Dubai Metro

The metro train service was inaugurated by Muhammad bin Rashid Al Makhtoom at 9:09:09pm on 9th of September 2009, at that time it was covering ten stations.

With the passage of time Dubai Metro network has been surprisingly enhanced.

Now the Dubai Metro System has 47 Stations in which 9 of them are underground.

There are two transfer stations which are union square and Khalid Bin Waleed.

Dubai Metro Station is now entertaining its passenger with 87 trains in the system.

Dubai Metra map is in total of 75 kilometers. Along with all that the train signaling is fully automated in operation and its minimum headway is of 1.5 minute ( 90 sec ).

About Dubai Metro Trains

Each Train in the Dubai metro system is a 5-car Train.

Every Train has an accomodation of upto 640 passengers (seated +  Standing)

The five cars included in each train are further divided into three classes:

Gold Class (VIP) – 1 Car

Women and Childeren Class – 1 Car

Silver Class – 3 Cars

The gold class has arrangement of eighteen passengers along with a prestegious interior.

The women and childeren car has proper racks for the bags and other carriage stuff.

Trained hostess and Security officers are available to help the passengers in any case of emergency.

The arrangement of seats in the metro train is according to the needs of the customers, there is a choice of window view and for gathering of friends.

Every car has a special place for the disables.

A proper policy is maintained for the elderly, pregnant women and injured passengers.

For the safety of the customers a variety of safety devices are installed in the train including the closed circuit monitoring television.

About Dubai Metro Stations

 The moment you enter the Dubai Metro Station you feel the difference and the luxury never felt before in any Train station.the main Features of the Dubai metro Train Station are:

For the convineance of the passengers every station have Bus stands, Pickup points of Taxi, and parking places to lock your bikes.

All of the stations have lifts and Escalators where necessary keeping in mind the needs of passengers.

On an average distance of 1.5kilometer there is a Train Station.

The Metro Train Stations are made on four different themes which are

EARTH:          This theme is applied on 12 train stations.

WATER:         This theme is applied on 13 train stations.

AIR:                This theme is applied on 11 train stations.

FIRE:              This theme is applied on 11 train stations.

The shape of all the roofs are designed in the inspiration of the Pearl Diving Heritage of the United Arab Emirates.

The Red and Green Line:

The two diferent routes of the Dubai Metro Train System are known as the Red and Green lines, three more lines are under construction as well.

The RED line contains twentynine stations of which 24 are above the ground level , 4 are undergroumd and one is at ground level.

The frequency of trains is 3.45 minutes every train in the rush times and 7minutes in the normal times.since 2001 51 Trains are in service. The total area of red line is 52 kilometers of which 4.75 kilometers is underground. Expected time taken to travel on red line is 1 hour and twelve minutes ( one sides ).

The GREEN line contains twenty Stations of which 12 are above the ground level and 8 ststions are underground. By the end of year 2010 60 trains were in service. The capacity of Green line metro trains is round about 6400 passengers. The total area covered by green line is 22.5 kilometers. The expected time travel of one side on the green line is 41 minutes and full round trip is 1 hour and 23 minutes.

Tickets and Cards:

Depending upon the usage and services provided the Metro Train cards are divided into different categories.

Red Ticket

It is a ticket and it can be purchased for only AED 2 and it is valid for 90 days.

Blue card

It is a sort of credit card in Train station regarding tickets, suitable for regular passengers and students. It can hold upto AED 500 in credit and has an e-purse which deduct an amount of fare every time you use it.

Silver card

This card can also have a credit of AED 500 and its validity is five years.

Can be purchased from any ticket office in the metro train stations.

Gold Card.

It has the same credit limit as the silver and the blue card and the time limit is 5 years. It allows the usage of the prestegious Gold Cabins in the train.