Madinat Jumeirah


Dubai madinat jumeirah is a wonderful resort. As we know that Dubai always try to stun people all over the world by producing some very unique or big. For instance, the city is famous in making records by grabbing the titles “worlds biggest”, “worlds first-ever” and “worlds largest”. Likewise, the exotic madinat jumeirah resort is the largest Arabian resort in the emirate.


The 5 star luxurious resort covers an area of 40 hectares just for landscapes and beautiful gardens. The splendid Arabian resort has two striking boutique hotels named “Al qasr ” and “Mina A’Salam”. Also, the 5 star Arabian resort has a classy courtyard of 29 summer houses which is known as “Dar Al Masyaf”. It sounds incredible! Moreover, the madinat jumeirah Dubai is located in a very prime and posh area near jumeirah beach hotel and the only 7 star hotel “Burj Al Arab”. The surrounding of the resort also includes the amazing and exciting water park “wild wadi”. The city Dubai is known for its successful tourism industry and due to tourists and visitors dubai has always try to create more attractive and gorgeous sightseeings especially hotels for visitors. The madinat jumeirah resort was designed in a way which can make it look like traditional Arabian town.


The resort has over 40 renown restaurants and exotic bars where you can enjoy your evenings. If we go in details of the history madinat jumeirah Dubai, we can get know that actually it took 36 months to open one segment of the resort which is nothing but a part of ” Mina A’Salam” – this took place in September,2003. The two boutique hotels and a courtyard has its own beauty and environment. To begin with, Al qasr literally means “The palace” and it has 292 rooms and luxurious suits. Basically, the hotel was designed to resemble the sheikh’s summer residence. Secondly, Mina A’Salam was the first part of the resort open in 2003. The hotel is simply amazing and has 292 rooms and beautifully designed suits. Lastly, Dar Al Masyaf is a two story residential retreat which is inspired by traditional Arabian summer houses. Also, the summer house has the offer of 24 hour butler service and there are 8 to 11 rooms in each house.


Dubai madinat jumeirah resort offers many wonderful facilities and services like free wifi, fitness centre, a chance to explore the award winning talise spa and an amazing abra service( water taxis/boat) which can guide/show visitors the whole resort and its surroundings. Not only this, the fabulous resort offers conference and banqueting facilities too. Last but not the least, the waterways linked with resorts are homes of turtles ; injured and homeless turtles can be given to the management of the resort so they can go back to their natural habitat. This place is located in Mina side between “Al Muna” and “Zheng he’s” restaurants.

Guests of madinat jumeirah resort can avail the complete free access to wild wadi water park, can enjoy the sporty fun in the resort owned tennis courts and splendid souk where one can spend their day in shopping.