Kite Beach Dubai


Best activity in hot summers? Water sports maybe? Definitely yes, beaches in Dubai are simply amazing and a true blessing in humid weather.


The kite beach Dubai also known as “ Sheikh hamdan beach” is the white sand beach located in Jumeirah – The most superior and posh area of Dubai. The kite beach Dubai is the cleanest beach park among all other in the category which includes all the open-beaches in the same area. The beach has become quite famous and popular in past years due to the amazing adventure and sports facilities. The water sports such as surfing, kayaking and jet skiing are the most adored activities on the beach especially loved by the teenagers.


The heavenly beach is a symbol of beauty and has a breath taking view of world’s only seven star hotel “Burj Al Arab”. Moreover, the beach in Dubai is also known for its best services and other facilities like toilets, dressing rooms and showers. There are also specific nets for volley balls and beach football. Plus, the beach can be seen over-crowded on weekends because it is totally free of cost. The beachgoers loves visiting the calming kite beach Dubai and considers it a place of relaxation where they can spend the sunny day in an peaceful atmosphere.


Visiting beach is actually far better than wasting time in ones home. Researchers says that visiting beach is beneficial for health as it helps one to stay fit and healthy than one who pays a lot of money on fitness centers and gymnasiums – Natural things are always best! The kite beach Dubai is the perfect place for dayouts and fun-filled friendly gatherings. The surrounding of the beach is fabulous and eye-catchy especially the skyline of dubai from where you can see all the giant, enormous and mega sky scrapers in one line. The sky-touching buildings is the central attraction of the striking dubai city. The city which was once a plain deserted area is now a sparkling and developed city. The wonderful city has set an example for others and proved that the United Arab Emirates can do anything to make their homeland more prettier, developed and peaceful. Like other attractions, beaches in Dubai are adored by tourists and residents both. The place is so clean and tidy which is the main reason behind its success.


The management of Dubai kite beach made a small nice-looking gym area on sand which contains all the basic exercise equipment so that people can keep their exercise schedule maintained and enjoy working-out in open air. Its quite motivating too for those who hate entering the boring atmosphere of typical gym and fitness centers. Secondly, there is a small segment/part of kids area too where parents can leave their wards for a certain period of time on kite beach. The area includes colorful swings and slides to attract small kids. Last but not least, on the beach one can find many food trucks and a cafeteria which runs so good especially on Thursdays and Fridays.