Kidzania in Dubai Mall


Dubai mall is the world’s largest mall and it has 12,000+ top stores with 2 tenant anchors. The stunning Dubai Mall is located in a prime location from where one can enjoy the striking view of the tallest and amazing Burj Khalifa. The mall has 14,000+ parking which is a huge and grand space for vehicals. Plus , mall of the dubai is a four story shopping center which is designed in an exotic way. Moreover, the splendid shopping mall is a place where you can discover a lot of unusual and matchless attractions.


The mall aquarium is considered as one of the largest aquarium which is developed by Oceanis Australia Group. Time ago, there was a buzz regarding the aquarium leakage and glass breakage but it was then settled and maintained by the management. As we know that the desert area is known for its sunny and hot climate and people here craves cool and snowy weather. The wonderful ice rink is there to calm down one’s temperature – There is nothing like an amazing icy adventure in Dubai mall. The ice rink tickets are available at the reasonable prices and it can be purchased online too.


How can someone forget the sweet little kids? We know that the activities like shopping are mainly enjoyed and loved by adults especially women. The mall has introduced a wonderful place named “KidZania” – As the name suggests, it is clearly shown that it targets the age group of small kids . The kidzania is basically a replica of real world. There are no words which can actually explain the concept of Dubai KidZania, the place is also known as “The Edutainment Center” because it is focused on kids entertainment as well as Education. The place is no doubt a wonder itself and it is designed in a proper theme which reflects the notion of the real city. The full of entertaining KidZania Dubai has over 80 professions which can be mocked and mimick by kids between the age of 4-16. The desire of doing work, job and trying different types of professions can be fulfilled in real life, the occupations such as pilot, painter, fire-fighter, dentist, surgeon, cabin crew, and grocery cashiers can be played and done by kids which helps to motivate themselves to develop interest in work and to find their hidden talent.


There center is created in a unique way and it is totally based on the actual city structure. To describe Dubai Kidzania, we can say that it is a city of kids where they work, earn and rule. Not only this, but the beautiful city KidZania Dubai has its own currency which is named as “KidZos” and no one can drive their without an authentic KidZania driving license. Do they really drive? Yes, KidZania Dubai offers kids to drive in real! There are proper roads, signals and vehicles specifically designed for kids. The words aren’t enough to explain KidZania so it must be visited by all the kids to explore something really remarkable.