Jumeirah Beach Park


Beaches are the most central attractions which are adored by everyone in dubai. Obviously, the hot and humid climate can made anyone go crazy. People mainly prefer beaches in order to find peace and to feel relaxed. The jumeirah is an aristocratic area in Dubai city and has the most classy restaurants, cafes and clubs located on the side-streets.


Jumeirah beach park is the most renown beach of the city and the main attraction for tourists and visitors. Jumeirah beach is a white sand beach which is linked with palm jumeirah and marina. The splendid beach park was opened in 1989 and bagged the award of “First beach park of the city”. Jumeirah beach Dubai has the huge hectare of area which is designed in a unique and beautiful way – a flawless place. Residents of dubai are in love with Jumeirah beach and people can be seen there enjoying their weekends and vacations.


The facilities on Jumeirah beach park are superb, if offers many sources of fun. Water sports like jet skiing, paragliding and surfing can be done in specific separate area so the danger of injuries can be reduced – because of separate boundaries. In addition to this, exciting beach also has the facility of clean and tidy toilets plus separate dressing rooms. Untidy restrooms is a major turnoff regarding any place specially beaches; the cause of mess is usually the joined and attached dressing rooms and toilets. But here, jumeirah beach park spends more money on such facilities to satisfy people. Furthermore, it is not just an ordinary beach.


Jumeirah beach park is an amazing family park too, people can enjoy late night barbeque , camping , volley ball/tennis courts, huts and mouth-watering food and their kiosks. Jumeirah beach Dubai is a fabulous and perfect place for weekend hangout especially for families because it has all the exciting stuff and services which can made someone’s day special and delightful. As we know that kids are not easy to handle , they wants something which can make feel happy. The beach isn’t a child place? This question is oftenly asked by majority and the answer is YES.


Striking jumeirah beach park Dubai has some outstanding activities for kids too. In fact, the beach features a kids area which has all the swings and slides for children. The beautiful beach also focused on religious values too as they built a prayer room for muslims where they can easily offer salah at anytime. If we talk about the security system then the word “Perfect” can describe it very well, marine security system is impeccable and plays a major role regarding saving one’s life or giving protection to everyone. Last but not the least, there is a special women day too when women can easily enjoy their ladies day-out; Jumeirah beach is actually been set-up for arab women due to some religious reasons. The ticket can be bought at lower and affordable prices. The price per person is AED 5 and additional charges for personal parking which is not more than AED 20. This cheap? Unbelievable! Jumeirah beach park Dubai is waiting for you to offer all the excitement.