Jobs in Saudi Arabia Hospitality and Tourism

Saudi Arabia is a sovereign Arabian country which is officially renowned as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is the second biggest Arab country. Saudi Arabia is also famous in the whole world because of the sacred and holy places in it (khana Kaba & Masjid-e-Nabwi). These are the most sacred places for all the Muslims in the world and it is considered to be mandatory for all those who are financially stable and physically fit to visit these holy destinations at least once in his life time. Saudi Arabia possesses one of the largest hospitality and tourism industry in the world. Each year hundreds of thousands people visit Saudi Arabia. However the most of the visits are done by Muslims for obvious religious customs but the in the last few years the leisure tourism has also increased.

The tourists or visitors who come to full fill their religious duties are mostly directed towards Makkah Mukarma and Madina Munawara. These are the two main cities of Saudi Arabia, as Khana Kaba and Masjid-e-Nabwi is in them. These two cities are always stuffed with people, as the Muslims visits these places throughout the year to perform Umrah. The most busy and crowded month is the cities of Saudi Arabia is considered to be the month of Zul Hijjah, as thousands of pilgrims gathers to perform Hajj in this month. This is the time of the year when you won’t find even a single hotel room either in Makkah or Madina. In 2015 there number of pilgrims is considered to be an approximate of 20, 00000. Here comes the part of tourism and hospitality service providers, as that great number will need places to stay, food to eat and transport to move and people to guide.

To host and manage that big sum of people you can guess by yourself how much man power will be required. That’s the reason that you see vacancy announcement in hospitality and tourism of Saudi Arabia every now and then. As we all know that Saudi’s are considered to be one of the richest in the world and utilize their time in leisure then in work. So the industry mostly invites people from other soils to come and work in the hospitality and tourism industry of Saudi Arabia.

Apart from religious tours there are few people who visit Saudi Arabia for leisure. Saudi Arabia tourism and hospitality has many attractions for leisure seekers. The country is rich of worth watching sights which includes beautiful deserts, mesmerizing clean waters with sandy beaches, historical art work along with worth seeing monuments. The hospitality industry of Saudi Arabia includes one of the finest hotels and restaurants. Few of the famous hotels and restaurant in Saudi Arabia are:

Al Waha Palace Hotel
The Ritz-Carlton Riyadh
Burj Rafal Hotel
Madina Hilton
Crowne Plaza Madina
THE Globe
Mama Noura
As discussed before that hospitality and tourism industry in Saudi Arabia is one of the finest and largest. So it is obvious that the jobs in this industry are one of the finest that anyone could get. If hospitality and tourism are your field of interests Saudi Arabia is the destination for you. The jobs in this industry provide international standard salary packages with world class benefits. The industry pampers its employees in every aspect, as the motto of the all the leading business industries is “take care of you employees and the employees will take care of your customers”.

Saudi Arabia hospitality and tourism announces jobs for different skilled individuals. The jobs are of different categories and skills, therefore acquires individual with different talents. If you have any skill or talent that you thing is fit for the hospitality or tourism industry, you will be welcomed in this industry because like any other successful industry this industry also regards the talented individuals. There are several different types of job categories in Saudi hospitality and tourism industry. Every category includes number of sub posts with in. Few of the categories or job titles in Saudi Arabia hospitality and tourism are given below.

Managerial jobs in Saudi Arabia hospitality & Tourism
Marketing and advertising staff jobs in Saudi Arabia hospitality & Tourism
Event Planning Jobs In Saudi Arabia hospitality and Tourism
Chef and support staff jobs in Saudi Arabia hospitality & Tourism
Restaurant management staff jobs in Saudi Arabia hospitality & Tourism
Waiters and waitresses jobs in Saudi Arabia hospitality & Tourism
Housekeeping staff jobs in Saudi Arabia hospitality & Tourism
Event Planning Jobs In Saudi Arabia hospitality and Tourism
Above mentioned are few categories that you will find in job advertisement from hospitality and tourism industry of Saudi Arabia. Sometimes the jobs are advertised by mentioning the name of a city or by the name of relevant hiring authority. If you get an ad by mentioning the name of a particular city or hotel/restaurant in Saudi Arabia don’t get confused it is the same job that we have mentioned above. To clear the doubt clouds we are mentioning few examples of the jobs advertisements.

Marketing and advertising staff required by hotels in Riyadh
Event Planning staff required by Riyadh hoteling authority
Chef and support staff jobs in a restaurant of Madina
Restaurant management staff jobs in Mama Noura
Hotel manager job in The Ritz-Carlton Riyadh
The recruitment procedure in Saudi Arabia hospitality is simple but do differ according to the job you choose to apply. Few jobs do require professional degrees and certificates but mostly are hired without it on the basis of previous work experiences. The recruitment is done on merit without the discrimination of nationality or creed. Apply now a be a part of Saudi Hospitality and Tourism.

The article on jobs in Saudi Arabia hospitality and tourism is to introduce you about the different job opportunities in this industry. If you have any relevant query about the topic leave a massage in the comment box. You will be contacted with relevancy in 24 hours.