Jobs in Oman Security Services

The Sultanate of Oman is comparatively a peaceful country in the Middle East. We are all very much aware from the devastating conditions in the Middle East, yet Oman has managed to maintain law and order in their country. The credit for this safe and secure environment goes to the security services of Oman. Security service is the combination of number of departments who owe the responsibility of saving the country as well the citizens of Oman from any external or internal threat. The security services in Oman include army, police, intelligence agencies and private security providers in it. The responsibility of army and intelligence agencies is to protect the borders and deal with any external threat, however sometimes the intelligence agencies do share information with the police department. The police officially known as the Royal Police force of Oman tackle the internal situation of the country. The police force of Oman owes the responsibility of providing the citizens of Oman a safe and secure environment.  The last but not the least comes the private security companies which would be the prime focus of our discussion in this topic.

 Private security service providers in Oman are basically companies that run their business by providing security services tailored to the requirements of clients. These companies provide securities at different levels according to the requirement by the client. The offered services by the security companies are personal body guards, protocol officers, surveillance, bouncers and security guards. The Royal police force of Oman doesn’t include a huge number of officers in it and the police can definitely offer services of bouncers, security guards or personal body guards. Therefore most of the VIP’s and government officials hire the services of different security companies.

Most of the areas in Oman are utilizing the services of security companies and the largest numbers of jobs that are produced are of security guards. Security guard has become a necessary part of each institute, company or organization. Even the residential areas and housing societies of Oman acquire their services. This is the reason that most of the vacancies announced by the security companies of Oman are for security guards.  The best thing about these security company is that they are not doesn’t only involve the citizens of Oman at the time of hiring. The individuals living in other countries also get the chance of joining these companies.

The hiring is generally done by the recruitment agencies and during the process of recruitment nothing is considered but merit. The security companies of Oman also include women in their team, as there are many clients that want to acquire the services of female security provider. So there is no chance of gender discrimination. The companies select only skilled and professional individuals who are eligible to perform his/her duty efficiently. Few of the most famous security companies names are given below that are responsible to create job opportunities for security guards in Oman more often.

  1. Global Guardian Providers
  2. Security and Safety Services
  3. Oman International Security Services
  4. G4S
  5. Delta Security Providers

These companies that provide security and emergency services round the clock 24/7. The standard and of services is really high and the work efficiency is remarkable. This is the reason behind the faith and trust of people on these companies. Job in Security Company of Oman is considered to be a very well paid job, as it includes attractive salaries with mouthwatering toppings of benefits and allowances. The jobs in Oman’s security companies are normally announced by advertising in newspapers, there are few security companies that use job websites for this purpose too. To give you an idea how the job titles can be in the advertisement we are presenting you some of the job ad examples.

  1. Security staff required in G4S
  2. Security guard job in Oman open University
  3. Bouncers required by night club in Muscat
  4. Personal bodyguard jobs Global Guardian Providers
  5. Security guard jobs in Oman housing society

How to apply for job of security services in Oman

When it comes to the application procedure the security companies of Oman doesn’t involve any special treatment. One has to follow the most formal and simple way of mailing his/her resume with a job application to the hiring authorities. If the recruiters find you able and capable of doing that particular job, you will get a call from them.

 Always remember while filling the job application form pay great attention when doing the part of personal details, as this the only way for them to contact you.

Eligibility criteria for the job in Oman security services

There is no definite eligibility criterion for the job, as the job includes different type of security personals. Some of them require years of experience in arm forces (jobs for body guards) while others doesn’t involve much in it (jobs for security guards). Due to the fact that we are not able to provide the whole and exact eligibility criteria for job in Oman’s security services, we consider our fore most duty to introduce you with some of the basic requirements which will be applied on all of the jobs in Oman security service provider companies.

  1. Verified and original credential
  2. Experience certificate (if worked before)
  3. Medical and physical certificate
  4. Proficiency of English language
  5. Police clearance certificate (exemption for ex-army personals)
  6. Valid passport (other than Oman national)

This article is written to provide you the basic information about the security services in Oman, especially the private security service providing companies along with the information about carrier opportunities in those companies. If you have any questions about the article leave it in the comment box given below. Our team will answer you within a day.