Jobs in Dubai

Job Opportunities in Dubai

The United Arab Emirates is the heart of Arab countries.It is located in the south east end of Arabian Peninsula. On the eastren side it is Bordered with Oman and on its south is Saudi Arabia. It is also sharing its sea borders with Qatar and Iran.According to a survey in 2013 the population of dubai is 9040000 , it includes 1400000 Emarati citizens and 7800000 people are expairates.

UAE emerged on the world map on December 1971 and it has combined seven states.

It compromises of the following states

Abu Dahbi ( Capital )




Ras al-Khaimah


Um al-Quwain.

Islam is the national Religion of UAE along with arabic official language.

Jobs in Dubai

Before applying or visiting dubai for job the first thing you need to know is the suitable time period to apply. Here we will provide you information about the best time to vist Dubai and find a suitable job for your self.

So if you are planning to vist or apply for job in dubai the best suitable time is feburary onwards. Because end of every year is closing period and most of the employes leave companies after getting better jobs leaving behind vaccancies.

The following are the best paying jobs in dubai.

Oil & Gas jobs:

AED 65000 – 75000 per month

AED 100000 yearly

In this field if you are working on an exective post you can earn upto 65 thousand AED per month. Man force required for this job needs various personel to manage all departments for instance HRM, Accounts, Cost management, Auditing, Engineering Staff Exective etc.


AED 110,000 month to month,

AED 1,320,000 yearly

A stock exchange Dealer/Trader purchases and offers bonds, shares and a scope of different resources in the interest of financial specialists. They utilize what they have learnt and experience to judge shares in view of the data they can uncover. They then select speculations with the most elevated benefits in light of the customers desired rate keeping in view risk.

Venture Adviser/Consultant

AED 100,000 month to month

AED 1.2 million yearly

Obligations could incorporate annuity exhortation, seaward saving money, income management advice, sparing records, Health protection, contracts, benifits of worker and management of income.

Advertising Managing Director

AED 85,000 – 100,000 per month, AED 1,020,000 – 1.2 million yearly

Recognize customer gatherings and focus correspondence, compose viable and fascinating press outputs, develop and keep up an organization’s sure picture and mark, and management of important events.

Supply manager/Executive

AED 75,000 per month

AED 900,000 yearly

(Gas, Oil & Engineering) Organizing the obligations included with the procurement, ID, generation and supply of the merchandise that the organization gives to its customers.

Specialized General Manager

AED 75,000 month to month

AED 900,000 yearly

Gives specialized bearing to outline and frameworks coordination to vast organizations. in the zones of tech patterns and customer programming combination.

Private Banker

AED 80,000 per month

AED 960,000 every year

Giving a scope of administrations to customers like giving exhortation about records, resolving objections, surveying issues and taking care of issues.