Jobs in Bahrain Army

Bahrain or the Kingdom of Bahrain is a more of an Island than of a country. The word Bahrain means “Two Seas” which suits it perfectly as it is all surrounded by deep waters. Bahrain has a very historical background as it has been invaded sever times by different alien figures till it finally got its independence on 15 August 1971. So it can be considered as a new born among other Arab countries. But despite of that fact that it an under aged state yet it has the highest growth rates among other Arab countries. The first major boom that Bahrain economy got was when the oil reservoirs were found under the Bahamian soil. After that Bahrain didn’t stop and transformed itself into the modern worlds, the way we see it today.

Bahrain has transformed in to a hub which is dream of every business man and investor. Tourists are also very much attracted by the beautiful sights and hospitable environment of Bahrain. By discussing all that we must not forget that Bahrain is also one of the regions of Middle East. And as we know that almost the whole Middle East has been in the evil shekels of terrorism. But still Bahrain had foreign nations and their own nations are living there in peace without any terror. This whole peace and stability has been made possible by the extraordinary efforts of Bahrain army.

Bahrain army also known as Bahrain Defense Force is a group of small group of solders but they are all very well equipped and efficient solders. The responsibility of the defense force is to secure the borders from any alien activity. The army also shares information with the domestic law enforcement agencies to prevent any absurd incidents. Army of Bahrain does intervene at desperate times. For example the catastrophic riots of 2011 at Bahrain when a group of people took law in their hands and tried hijack the running government.

After the 2011 incident and rising sectarian conflicts among other neighbor countries the government decided to enlarge their army by recruitment in Bahrain army. The Kingdom of Bahrain’s government made the recruitment public after the devastating events and riots to send a clear message to the trouble makers of the society.

Reasons to Join Bahrain Army

As said by Napoleon “the life in army is the life for men” there is no doubt that it is the best way of living a life, the tanks, the jets, the armory it all make you feel good. The presence in the battle field shows you what you are made off and definitely the best way to serve your country. We know that Bahrain is not very well known for its army and war activities. So it is obvious that they do not have an extraordinary infrastructure and training program to follow. That’s the reason that each person recruited by the army is initially given a contract of two years. If the individual performs its duty efficiently then he/she gets the job permanently. Now let us highlight few benefits to join Bahrain army.

High pay scales with benefits
Medical and life insurances
Home and traveling allowances
Provident funding
Pension(after retirement)
So do consider applying on a vacancy in Bahrain army before choosing any other regular job and regret your decision the whole life. I bet you won’t regret the decision of joining Bahrain arm forces.

How to Join Bahrain Army

The procedure to join the army of Bahrain is quiet simple. The vacancy announcement for Bahrain army is normally done by the help of newspapers and is also advertised online. The best part about Bahrain army is that apart from their nationals they also encourage overseas nationals to become part of their nation army. As it is the modern era and the topic of gender equality is on the hype. So women are also encouraged to apply for several posts in Bahrain army. The procedure is simple one has to apply online and fill up the application form carefully by following all the mentioned instructions. After you are done with it you will get the test date via e-mail.

Eligibility Criteria for Joining Bahrain Army

The eligibility criteria or the requirements for joining Bahrain army are the same as asked by any other security force department. The requirements may differ depending upon the post you apply and the nationality that you possess. But the basic requirements remain same, some of which are mentioned below.

Age between 18 to 32 (ex-army exempted)
Height minimum 5.8 feet
Chest size above 34
Physical fitness certificate
Medical Clarence
Character certificate (non criminal record)
Educational Documents
Valid passport (overseas appliers)
The effort in the article are made to enlighten the role of Bahrain army and discuss the Job Opportunities in Bahrain army. But still if you don’t find what you were looking for do leave a massage in the comment box. We will get back to you with an answer within 24 hours.