Job opportunities in Construction Companies of Qatar

Qatar, officially known as the state of Qatar is one of the richest Arab country. The country has a total population of 1.8 million. Qatar is basically a deserted country with lots of natural resources. The country is profound in the whole world because one of the largest oil fields that it possesses. Like most of the deserted Arab countries Qatar also has a lot of potential in the department of infrastructure. This is where the booming construction industry of Qatar comes in.

There is no doubt that the biggest industry of Qatar is own by oil and Gas companies which is also considered to be the back bone of Qatar’s economy. Yet the infrastructural boost which has been witnessed by Qatar construction companies is Phenomenal. The government of Qatar has been investing a lot in the infrastructural projects to developing itself by building roads, bridges, tunnels, housing societies, hospitals, schools and colleges.

A construction company owes the responsibility of checking, maintaining and completing the given project in time. Mostly the construction companies in Qatar have been involved in the basic infrastructural projects, yet in recent times their involvement have been seen in major advanced projects. As Qatar has announced to be hosting 2022 FIFA world cup, so some of the leading construction companies had been busy in the construction of 5 major stadiums. The construction companies of Qatar are also responsible for producing hundreds of jobs for their several ongoing projects. Some of the major construction companies in Qatar are:

Al-Jabir trading and Construction company
Al-Waha Constructing Company Qatar
Electro Industries Qatar
Ghantoot Construction and Transport Company
Shapoorji Pallongi Qatar
Construction companies acquire individuals with certain skills. The companies include several numbers of managing, supervising and building responsibilities. Therefore the jobs produced in them involve so many talents in it from engineers to labors and from administrators to clerical staff. The announcement of the jobs is normally categorical and each category includes dozens of jobs in it. Some of the major job categories in Qatar are given below.

Administration Jobs in Qatar construction Companies
Financial Jobs in Qatar construction Companies
Marketing and Advertisement in Qatar construction Companies
Engineering Jobs in Qatar construction Companies
Laboring jobs in Qatar construction Companies
As discussed above these are only the job categories which includes sever other job opportunities in them. People often tend to get confused by the job advertisements, for the fact that sometimes they are posted by using the company name or the particular city where the main office of that company lies. The other most common confusion rises when the job is announced non-categorically.

To make you understand the above discussed phenomenon and clear the confusion we are about to present some of the job advertisements by not mention the name of Qatar. The ad example given will be just by using the name of particular city or Construction Company itself. We will also include few of the job offers in a non-categorical way by posting the exact job name. The examples of such advertisements are given below.

Masons required by a construction company in Duha
Surveyors required in a Dukan based Construction Company
Safety officers required by Construction Company in Al-Khor
Foreman and store keeper require in Ghantoot Construction and Transport Company
Heavy Machinery operator required in Al-Waha Constructing Company
Reasons to join construction companies in Qatar

Apart from the fact that you are a construction job lover, there are many other benefits of choosing a carrier in Qatar construction companies. The attraction starts with descent salaries decorated by world class benefits. The employers of Construction Company are awarded by bonuses too. They also enjoy the privilege of insurance covering their, live, medical issues and children education. The employers of this industry also have the financial security, as the companies inherit a welfare provident funding system. The company also provides boarding and lodging facilities for its employees. So if you are a job seeker or thinking about switching your current job this is the place for you.

How to apply for a job in Construction Company of Qatar

To get a job in any industry or company there are few things that you need in your mind. The first thing is to apply on the right time when the particular company you are intended to get a job is hiring individuals. To be successful in it you need to have a keen eye on the job advertisements done by them in newspapers and websites, after you get the information about the relevant job post in any of the listed Construction Company. The next step is to provide them with your job application along with resume. The sending address will be provided in the job ad.

Eligibility Criteria for job in Qatar Constructions Company

The basic eligibility criterion is same for all of the jobs produced by Construction Companies of Qatar. Apart from the basic requirements there are several other required things which will depend upon the job you have applied. For your convenience we are presenting the basic eligibility criteria below.

Original and verified credentials
Experience with reference (if done a job before)
Medical and physical fitness certificate
Character certificate
Valid passport with at least two blank pages (overseas individuals)
This article is to provide you the basic information about the jobs and vacancies produced by construction companies in Qatar. If you have any relevant question, leave it in the comment box given at the end of this page. You will provided by your desired answer within 24 hours.