Job Opportunities for Doctors in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is considered to be one of the largest, strongest and richest Arab countries. The country filled with the riches of natural resources. The infrastructural development and growth rate of this country is considered to be phenomenal. Yet the country lacks in many fields. Saudi Arabia’s scarcity in the field of medicine is a well-known phenomenon. Despite of the fact that this Arabian country is boosting in many fields and stabilizing its status, still doesn’t make up for the catastrophe in the field of education and especially medical sciences. The basic reason behind the alarming situation in the field of medicine is that Saudi Arabia has never been interested in their education sector and due to their lack of interest they have been dealing with the scarcity of medical expertise.

To get rid of this scarcity Saudi Arabia has been very keen in inviting Doctors and medical experts from all over the world. The country inherits hundreds of modern medical facilities with all of the latest equipment and facilities. Doctors from all over the world are invited to work in these medical facilities and hospitals. Saudi Arabia has always been a keen overseas recruiter and people from all over the world are working in that country with great pleasure including doctors. Doctors are considered to be the highest paid individuals among all the other professional experts in Saudi Arabia. That’s one of the reasons that among other hundreds of carrier opportunities this is the one which attracts people the most.

Choosing to start your carrier in Saudi Arabia as a doctor or medical consultant comes with many benefits. The salaries and the benefits offered by the hospitals and medical facilities in Saudi Arabia have no match with others. It is believed that Saudi Arabia pays the highest salaries among all the countries of the world. This is one of the reasons that doctors choose Saudi Arabia over all other countries. However the salary offers may decline or incline depending upon the degree, certification and experience. For your assistance we are mentioning the lowest salaries and benefits offered by the medical industry of Saudi Arabia. The offered benefits for doctors and medical consultants are:

Fully sponsored family visa with air tickets (foreigners)
Salary per month (3500$)
Insurance coverage (whole family)
Home Allowance
Traveling Allowance
Free education for children
Family trip to any desirable destination (twice a year)
Provident funding system (after retirement)
These are the lowest range of benefits for those who wish to avail a carrier opportunity in Saudi Arabia as a doctor. The benefits will incline if you are bringing tons of experience and certification along with your degree. Carrier in Saudi Arabia as a doctor is a dream of almost every single individual who completes his degree in medicine and therefore involves very tough competition. Doctors, medical experts and consultants from all over the world apply for these posts. As it is a very serious profession and peoples life is usually at stake, so hiring or recruitment is done on purely merit. Both of the genders are also equally encouraged and get hired without any type of discrimination.

How to Apply for a Job of Doctor in Saudi Arabia

As disused earlier that the profession of medical expertise is considered to be a very serious profession and for the reason its adds are posted only in the leading newspapers and job websites. After the job advertisement a timeframe (which is mostly of 1 month) is provided by the hiring authority. All of the interested applicants have to act within the timeframe. The applicant is supposed to scan all of his educational and professional documents along with his resume and send it to the provided e-mail address. If the applicant possesses what the hiring authority seeks he/she will be contacted by the concerned department for detail information.

Eligibility criteria for Joining the Medical Industry of Saudi Arabia as a Doctor

We often hear the term (eligibility criteria) used by many hiring companies, industries and institution but the question is what does it actually mean. The term eligibility criteria are not any alien or out of the world thing, it just refers to the requirements for that particular job. The requirements may by documented or physical. So basically the term refers to a simple phenomenon that each job requires some mental or educational skill along with the support of physical abilities, these requirements are known as the eligibility criteria. Like any other job in the world the job of doctor or medical expert also include little eligibility in it. However the eligibility or requirement might be a little change depending upon doctor type (medical specialist, house jobber, general physician, and surgeon) or gender (male doctor, female doctor). But there are still few of the major things that each applicant may possess regardless of the gender and all. Those few requirements that the applicant must have are mentioned below.

Attested MBBS degree along with other professional certification
Medical experience (including reference)
Behavior certificate (last employment institution)
Clearance certificate form police (non-criminal record)
Medical and physical fitness assurance certificate
A valid passport (two blank pages)
Passport size photographs (white background)
So if you have an interest in joining the medical assistance of Saudi Arabia and want to start your carrier as a doctor in Saudi Arabia, go to check the valid job adds by the hospitals and medical industry of Saudi Arabia.

The article is about the job and carrier opportunities for doctors in Saudi Arabia. We have included the answers of common FAQ in our article. Yet if it doesn’t full fill your need do leave your question in the comment box. We will be glad to answer your quire.