Ibn Battuta Mall

Ibn Battuta Mall
Ibn Battuta Mall Dubai is the first largest themed mall inspired by the arab traveller and adventurer Ibn Battuta. He was the most idealistic and a visionary personality with strong faith. Ibn Battuta who is considered as the supreme traveller in the history started his journey when he was 20 years old. The countries and areas which he explored includes Egypt , India , Andalusia , China, Tunisia and Persia. The Ibn Battuta mall is designed in an unusual way. Unusual? It is because the mall has no other match in the city – The mall is simply amazing and a symbol of exceptionality or can be called “Exclusive”.


The mall has different portions and designed in segments according to the theme of countries which the explorer Ibn Battuta visited in his time or era. For instance, the Egypt segment/part has all the traditional and cultural stuff and material which is their speciality, even the walls and roof designs are made specifically according to the Egyptian taste and style. Plus the paint colors are chosen with care by creators in order to set the theme with its origin. Moreover, the mall is a source of entertainment itself because ibn Battuta is wholly different from other shopping malls. On the other hand, we see shopping centers, malls , bazaars and other marketplaces with the same goods and items which can be found easily everywhere but here, ibn Battuta has a totally changed story.


It has flavors and colors of different varieties which are related to different countries. Ibn battuta mall Dubai made everything so easy ; People used to plan the tour to discover different parts of the world to see and shop there but now Ibn Battuta Mall Of Dubai is there to fulfill the desire and dreams. Why travelling to get traditional stuff if one can get it here in the dubai city? Isn’t it stress-free?

Secondly, Ibn battuta mall has more than 275 stores and over 50 restaurants and food chains in the huge food court area. The most amazing thing is that Ibn Battuta Mall of Dubai has introduced 40 percent of new stores to the emirates and it is the only mall where you can find completely different food courses in diner/food courts because it is made rendering to the theme and tradition.


Also, the themed mall offers the “Hot Air balloon” adventure which is also known as “Sky Dubai”. The balloon fun activity is very popular in the city and tourists prefer it the most during sightseeing. Moreover, the ibn Battuta mall Dubai comes under the oldest shopping places in the lively city. Plus, the latest and newest buzz is that the splendid ibn battuta mall is targeting efficiently on its objectives and the main aim is to expand the area which can lead to the more revenue and will help in development too. Furthermore, the one and only IMAX theatre has set its 21 screens in the flick area which runs successfully by selling thousands of tickets daily. For more information regarding cinema tickets and sky dubai you can refer the official website of ibn battuta mall dubai.