Hotel & hospitality Jobs in Oman

After stepping the feet in professional live majority among us spend half of their job age to choose the right carrier. Even after that much time very few are able to get what they seek, the majority just wastes their life and age. In my opinion every single person had been made different from another and each one of us is made for a special job. All we have to do is to walk in the right direction. Always remember if you can enjoy you do, it no longer remains work or duty it becomes fun. Now you must understand why some people are brilliant at their jobs and get promotions like piece of cake. The reason is that they are not doing a job. They are doing what they enjoy to do and as a result they get peace of mind and success in Life. So when it’s about choosing a job always listen to your heart instead of following others like a sheep moving along the herd.

There are several different job opportunities and carrier path that one can choose from but the one we are about to discuss is hoteling and hospitality industry. To be more precise about the article it is about the hoteling and hospitality industry of Oman. So if you are interested in hospitality jobs you are on the spot for it. Jobs in hospitality and hoteling industry of Oman are full of fun and excitement.

There are a lot of jobs to choose from in this industry. However some of them may require relevant degrees and certificates. But there are many others for which you don’t need to have some degrees and certificates. In these jobs one doesn’t get the chance to interact directly with the clients. While others need direct interaction with clients and customers, so they needed to be qualified and experienced.

The hospitality industry in Oman is huge and includes different hotels, motels, restaurants, resorts and many more attractions for its visitors. Their locations are considered to be the most prominent and scenic areas of Oman. The hospitality and hoteling industry in Oman offers tasteful furnished accommodation, exclusive range of restaurants, banquets and conference facilities, adventure sports, desert safari, luxurious desert camping with bonfire and dance performances.

Now by mentioning all the services provided by this monstrous industry, just imagine how much man-power they would acquire. That’s the reason that you can always expect to have a vacant post in Oman and the best part is that people having other nationalities are also welcomed to join them. There are sever number of hospitality services provider in Oman but they names of few in which you might get a job are:

Grand Hayat Muscat
Crowne Plaza Muscat
Ruwi Hotel
Desert Night Camps
Sur Plaza Hotel
Wadi Hotel
Turkish House Restaurant
Kargreen Caffe
The Beach Restaurant
These are few of the hotels and restaurants in Oman where you can try your luck. There you can find sever different type of jobs to choose from. The types of opportunities that you can get are given below.

Jobs in Oman hotels and hospitality

Hotel manager Jobs in Oman
Assistant hotel manager Jobs in Oman Hotels/Restaurants
Event Planning Jobs in Oman Hotels/Restaurants
Purchasing Jobs in Oman Hotels/Restaurants
Accounting Jobs in Oman Hotels/Restaurants
Marketing and advertising Jobs in Oman Hotels/Restaurants
Executive Chef Jobs in Oman Hotels/Restaurants
Restaurant manager Jobs in Oman Hotels/Restaurants
Kitchen manager Jobs in Oman Hotels/Restaurants
Housekeeping supervisor Jobs in Oman Hotels/Restaurants
Front desk supervisor Jobs in Oman Hotels/Restaurants
Supervisor of Guest Services Jobs in Oman Hotels/Restaurants
Kitchen Staff Jobs in Oman Hotels/Restaurants
Waiter/Waitress Jobs in Oman Hotels/Restaurants
Room service Jobs in Oman Hotels/Restaurants
House Keeping Jobs in Oman Hotels/Restaurants
Concierge Jobs in Oman Hotels/Restaurants
Porter Jobs in Oman Hotels/Restaurants
Receptionist Jobs in Oman Hotels/Restaurants
The jobs in these hotels and restaurants come with many benefits. Starting with descent salaries and world class benefits, not to mention boarding and lodging is provided by the hiring authority. So if you want to start a carrier in one of the most exciting and fun loving fields start applying for the job.

How to apply for a job in Oman Hospitality and Hoteling industry

Each month hundreds of jobs are announced by Oman hospitality. The announcement is done by many advertisement companies. So you can find the ad either in newspaper or online while internet surfing. The first thing that you need to do is to choose what job you are intended to apply for. After it you must consult the hiring authority first. As discussed before that your application procedure will depend upon the job that you are applying for. If you are applying for any leading positions you might want to follow the traditional way of mailing your resume and job application. On the other hand if you are considering any lower post like supporting staff, you have to go and meet the recruiting agents face to face and your rejection or selection will be on the spot.

Eligibility Criteria for Jobs in Oman Hospitality

As the applying procedure is different for each job, the eligibility criteria is also change and depends upon the job you select. Some of the jobs require professional education, degrees and certificates while others do not. You can get the exact requirements by contacting the hiring authority. Few of the things that matter most in every job and each of the interviewing person looks for are your sincerity, confidence and motivation level. These are the qualities that can take cover for almost all the discrepancies an individual has.

The article includes useful information about the jobs in hospitality and hotel industry of Oman. If you have any queries relevant to the article. You can ask by leaving a message in comment box. Our team will answer you within 24 hours.