Hospitality Jobs in Bahrain

Where are you? I am at work? What are you doing? I am working. When are you coming back? I am busy I don’t know. These are the most obvious answers that any will get from a person who has put his feet in the professional world. The so called modern world has turned us in some kind of robots. We can hardly get time for ourselves because our hectic daily routine. People feel privileged if they get an extra hour to sleep and as a result of all this we are dealing with depressions and anxieties. The best solution to this problem is to take a vacation trip. It is the best escape from all worries and problems. Many people have tried this and got great results. As a matter of fact the individuals who tried this remedy were able to work more efficiently.

Mostly when planning a holiday people tend to choose a foreign destination more preferably any country with beaches and sights worth seeing. This is the reason that the hospitality and hoteling industry is increasing and expanding day by day. When planning a holiday people are usually attracted towards the Gulf region and in Gulf, the people’s choice is mostly Bahrain. Each year Bahrain hosts thousands of tourists from all over the world. Now if a country hosts that much tourists it doesn’t need any rocket science to guess that they must possess a gigantic hospitality industry. The hotels in Bahrain acquire efficient staff and provide extraordinary services to their customers. That’s why hoteling and hospitality industry of Bahrain is considered to be one of the best in the world.

Bahrain is considered to be a delight for tourists, for the fact that it inherits the phenomenal panoramic views, beautiful beaches with crystal clean waters, amazing food and one of the most luxurious hotels in the world. Few of the most famous hotels in Bahrain are:

Al Safir Hotel
Bahrain Sheraton Manama
Elite Crystal Hotel
Crown Plaza
The Ritz Carlton Bahrain & Spa
Elite Resort & Spa
Hotel Sarnia
Radisson Water Garden Hotel
Hotel Tiger Garden
Hotel Royal
The hospitality industry of Bahrain includes different hotels, resorts, restaurants, spas and many more interesting attractions in it. This means that this humongous industry includes a great number of individuals for work efficiency. As we all know that hospitality industry acquires several different skilled personals to perform its operations. So it is quite obvious that they always seek the expertise of relevant individuals to improve the service quality.

Bahrain hospitality industry invites different types of talents to join them. There are several different carriers that you can choose in Bahrain’s hospitality industry.

Hotel management staff jobs in Bahrain hospitality
Marketing and advertising staff jobs in Bahrain hospitality
Chef and support staff jobs in Bahrain hospitality
Restaurant management staff jobs in Bahrain hospitality
Waiters and waitresses jobs in Bahrain hospitality
Housekeeping staff jobs in Bahrain hospitality
Now the above mentioned are few of the jobs are like job categories of Bahrain hospitality industry and each category includes 15 to 20 job titles in it.

How to Apply on Job in Bahrain Hospitality

Every now and then Bahrain hospitality and hoteling industry announces jobs through advertisements. However the application procedure is different depending upon the job you choose in Bahrain hospitality. To make you understand easily we will discuss it separately.

Managerial and Executive jobs in Bahrain Hospitality and Hoteling

Now these are the most responsible and important posts in Bahrain hospitality. The interested candidate has to submit his job application and resume via mail. If the recruitment agency finds you suitable for the job they will inform you about your interview date.

Non managerial and supporting staff

The non-managerial and supporting staff includes chefs, waiters, housekeeping staff, greeters, guards, washers, cleaners and others like it. Now unlike the managerial and executive jobs in this category one has to go in person and ensure the recruiters that he is fit for the job. Some of the jobs in this category might require a resume live if you are applying for the job of Chef and waiter. But most of the jobs require only the verbal confirmations.

The ads for the job that you see are often referred by name of hotel, restaurant or resort of Bahrain. So don’t get confused it is the same job that we have been discussing in this whole article. We are presenting few examples so that you can understand the process perfectly.

Jobs in Ritz Carlton Bahrain & Spa
Staff needed in Elite Resort & Spa
Advertising staff required in Hotel Sarnia
Security Guard job in Radisson Water Garden Hotel
Hospitality jobs in Hotel Tiger Garden
Accounts specialist needed in Hotel Royal
The above mentioned are few of the job ads that you will find. In some of those you will find job title, in some only mentioning that staff is needed. If the confusion remains the easiest thing is to call on the number given at the end of job ad.

Eligibility Criteria for getting a job in Bahrain Hospitality

The eligibility criteria in Bahrain hospitality differs depending that what is the job that you wish to apply for. As discussed before in detail that Bahrain hospitality is a very big industry and producer hundreds of different jobs, from executive to managerial and from supervisory to supporting staff. The requirement for each job is different from one another and the best way of knowing it to contact the concerned recruitment agency for it.

This article is written to provide you information about Bahrain hospitality industry and jobs produced by it. If you have any question about jobs in Bahrain hospitality feel free to use the comment box. You will be responded within 24 hours.