(Hospitality) Hotel Jobs in UAE

United Arab Emirates or UAE is considered to be one of lavishing and well established country. UAE is considered to be one of the most favorite destinations of tourists. Each year hundreds of thousands tourists from all over the world visit this country. Since 1995 the tourists started to get attracted towards UAE after the infrastructural development and since then only Dubai has hosted over 1.1 billion visitors. This phenomenal growth in visitors and tourists activities also developed the hospitality and hotel industry of UAE. Today the hospitality services of UAE are considered to be one of the finest in whole world.

As we all know that UAE is venture of seven Emirates and each of them have separate governing authorities. So it would not be an abnormality to believe that their stature, infrastructure and hospitality services will be different from each other. This is reason that most of the tourist’s choose Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah over the rest of Emirates. UAE and especially the three mentioned Emirates possess a gigantic hospitality industry to provide the best possible services. Hospitality industry is combination of many institutions and service providers like, hotels, motels, tourism services, restaurants, cafes, clubs, breakfast and diners but the one we are about to discuss in this article is hotels of UAE and jobs produced by them.

Hotel itself is a very big and complicated organization, as many hotels include all of the special ingredients that the hospitality services possess. It shouldn’t be an amazement to know that this monstrous organization is capable of producing thousands of jobs. That is one of the many reasons that each year the hotels in UAE announce tons of jobs. The hotels of UAE are considered to be the most, biggest, lavishing and exclusive in the whole world. The services offered by these hotels have no match with others. There are hundreds of different hotels in UAE but we are about to mention few that are top of the list.

Atlantis The Palm
Eastern Mangroves Hotel & Spa
Emirates Palace Hotel
Burj Al Arab
Rixos The Palm
Rosewood Abu Dhabi
Fairmount The Palm
Riz Carlton Dubai
Armani Dubai
Kempinski Emirates Palace Hotel
The booming and boasting industry of UAE’s hotels is a people intensive industry, in only the last year 291, 000 people were employed in this sector. Since the news of expo 2020, the industry has started to grow even on a larger scale which means more job production too. Apart from the high ranked jobs which need great skills and expertise, most of the jobs are the semi-skilled service position. The semi-skilled service should just have a little experience in the relevant field. The different type of jobs in UAE hotels are:

Hotel manager
Assistant Hotel manager
Book keeper
Chief Chef
Restaurant Supervisor
House job
Security supervisor
Each of the above mentioned jobs includes several other jobs for subordinate positions and as a result hundreds of jobs are announced by the hotels in UAE. The best part about these jobs is that everyone is welcomed to apply for this job with an exemption of nationality and gender. The carriers in the hotel industry of UAE are an exciting journey depending upon the post you are on. The ones that have an interaction with other people have the liberty to meet people form different nation and regions. One gets the chance to know about different customs. This world class experience can also be availed in the hotels of UAE. Apart from all these wonderful and exciting experiences the fact that we must not forget is the hotels in UAE offer generous pays with world class benefits.

So if you are person with interests in hospitality industry UAE is the destination for you.

How to get a job in UAE hotels

The idea of getting a job in one of the hotels in UAE seems to be impossible but in reality it is as easy as hard it looks. The hotels include two basic job categories, one is considered to be upper level like managing staff and the other helping or supporting staff. So the application procedure to get hired in UAE is different depending upon the post. For the higher level post one has to follow the traditional way of sending job application and resume, while the other involves a direct approach to the hiring authority. In both of the mentioned cases you will be informed by the authority about your selection or rejection.

Eligibility criteria to get job in UAE’s hotels

As the application procedure is different depending upon the job, so it is obvious that the edibility criteria will also vary according to job you want in UAE’s hotel. If you are interested in the managerial jobs then you must possess a degree in management and hospitality services. You should also possess at least an experience of 4-7 years on that particular post that you are applying for. On the other hand the jobs which are also referred as jobs of semi-skilled service providers acquire nothing much but a little experience in the relevant field. The experience for these jobs is not mandatory, so the fresher’s can also apply. The only thing which is required in all of the hospitality jobs is proficiency in the English language. As the service seekers are mostly foreigner and the largest spoken language in the hotel industry of UAE is English.

The article provides you the information about the hotel industry of UAE. It also includes several carrier opportunities and jobs announced by the hotels of UAE. If you have any relevant question about the article leave it in the comment box given below. We will be pleased to answer you.