Engineering jobs in Qatar

The Middle Eastern country (Qatar) once had nothing but barrens and deserts. Qatar was considered as undeveloped or third world country. The life in Qatar wasn’t very different from the other nomads of Arabia. People were living their lives in this way since the discovery of oil which changed the face and destiny of Qatar. Since the discovery of oil the people of Qatar had witnessed an epic infrastructural development. The literary meaning of infrastructure is the basic organizational and physical structure including the facilities which are the requirements of a society. In simple words the infrastructure includes roads, buildings, power supplies which are the basic necessity of a modern world.

The infrastructure of Qatar lies in three basic categories. The three main categories are energy infrastructure, commercial or public service infrastructure and transport infrastructure. The responsibility of all these different infrastructural developments lies on the shoulders of different companies, organizations and industries. There is no doubt in the fact that these companies and organizations are behind this development but these companies acquire the help and assistance of many engineers to full fill their projects. The fact about involvement of engineers was necessary to mention because they play a very important role in the infrastructural development.

The role or job of engineer in Qatar is to provide a sketched platform for the structural foundation of any infrastructural project. Engineering itself is a very big domain and involves several types and categories for example civil engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, auto mobile engineering, computer engineering and software engineering. There are several other types but are scarce in Qatar due to absentee of relevant department.

Since the boast in infrastructural development, the job opportunities in Qatar for engineers have exceeded to a phenomenal rate. As it is very well known that Qatar is not one of those countries which is known for its developed human capital, so it would not be an abnormality to accept that most of the working engineers are from foreign soils. There is no doubt in the fact that the nationals of Qatar are preferred at the time of recruitment but due to scarce number of the nationals the gates for overseas employment also gets opened.

Each and every industry acquire the services of engineers in Qatar. That’s the reason that Qatar produces thousands of job opportunities for engineers each year. The job announcement is done by the help of different newspapers and social websites. The job ad for engineer in Qatar is a little tricky and people often get confused by it. This is because sometimes the job add is advertised by using the name of concerned company or city instead of Qatar itself. So people began to wonder if this is the same job or not. Due to the fact that we have touched this issue, so we consider it our obliged duty to clear all of your confusions by awarding you some of the engineering job ad examples in Qatar.

Engineering jobs in Qatar Petroleum
Civil engineers required in Gulf Drilling International
Computer engineer required in Hamid Medical Corporation
Engineering jobs in GSSG holding
Mechanical engineer required in BSI-Steel building system and integration.
Electrical engineering jobs in Qatar
Software engineering jobs in Qatar
Jobs for electronic engineers in Doha
Jobs for civil engineer in Al Khor
Engineering jobs in Al Rayan
The above mentioned are few of the job titles that one may come across when on a job hunt. Apart from the fact that engineering job is one of the finest job in Qatar but it includes many mouthwatering specialties, starting from mind boggling sallies accompanied by startling benefits. The benefits include five star boarding and lodging facilities, air fares, insurance coverage along with the topping of allowances. The job becomes more fascinating when the concerned person is from a foreign soil because the experience of living in Qatar is an unforgettable experience. The country with an abundance in beauty and richness in culture is definitely an everlasting and soul touching experience.

How to apply for an engineering job in Qatar

The application procedure for engineering job in Qatar is exactly the same as it is in any other country. The interested individual has to submit the application form and send it to the authorities along with a resume and other educational documents. The consideration of the hiring authorities will reach you in form of a call or e-mail. You will be informed about you test and interview date through it.

Note: While filling up the application form read the provided instructions carefully and be very conscious while entering your personal details. As it is the only source of the recruiters to contact the concerned person.

Eligibility criteria for engineering jobs in Qatar

Apart from the fact that the applicant must have a bachelor degree in engineering there is no fixed eligibility criteria for engineering job in Qatar. The eligibility or the job requirement changes from job to job and from post to post. As the eligibility for a project engineer will be different from that of an assistant engineer. There are several other posts like project engineer which requires tons of experience and many others like assistant or sub engineers which can be managed with less or no experience. So the only necessity that you must consider is a relevant engineering degree. The other basic requirements for engineering job in Qatar are:

Verified and original credentials
Experience letters with reference (if worked before)
Medical and physical fitness certificate (other than Qatar nationals)
Character certificate (from last employer)
NOC (if employed)
English proficiency
Valid passport with two blank pages (overseas should not be blacklisted in any country)
The above mentioned are the basic requirements that one must possess if interested in starting a carrier in Qatar as an engineer. The recruitment done is totally on merit and without any discrimination of nationality or gender.

This article is about the carrier opportunities for engineers in Qatar. Our effort was to reveal all the wares and tares of engineering jobs in Qatar. Still if you didn’t find what you were looking for leave a massage in the comment box. You will be responded in less than 24 hours.