Wafi Mall


The Wafi is not just an ordinary mall, it is mixed development or a project which comprises of hotels, apartments , nightclub , mall, restaurants and cafes. In fact, the main attraction of the complex is “The Mall”. The beautiful Wafi Mall was found in 1973 and it is now run by “The Wafi Group”. The mall is designed in a specific way which is based on “Ancient Egypt”. The design and themes reflects the ancient world and the wonderful art includes structure of pharaohs, Karnak and Pyramids. The Wafi mall Dubai was inaugurated in the year 2001.


It has more than 300 classy stores which includes many categories from accessories to sports wear. Moreover, the mall has wide range of outstanding restaurants and cafes and the variety includes papa johns, aristocrat, burger rebel, cafe Martinez, khan murjan and lots other. As it is mentioned above that there are few segments in the mall which has hotels, apartments and food places. To begin with, the hotel which is named “Raffles” is the luxurious and extremely classy 5 star hotel which is designed in a pyramid shape and has outstanding 248 rooms and 18 floors. In fact, the size of the room which covers an area of 70 meters considered as the largest size in the whole city.

Moreover, the dining area Dubai wafi mall is known as “pyramids” and there are many restaurants and cafes where one can spend their day enjoying all the mouth-watering courses and cuisines. Not only this, but this segment also features the amazing “Cleopatra’s Spa” and “Pharaoh’s Club”.


Last but not the least, the Wafi residence is an exclusive segment among all other and it provides all the awesome facilities to the residents such as differnt types of membership to spa and pyramids. The Wafi mall Dubai is a must see place because it offers all the excitement and fun under one roof. The restaurants and eateries in pyramid complex includes famous names like vintage, asha’s, biella, Thai chi and many others. If one is unable to book or reserve the tables then no need to worry because one can easily book the tables by using website which will take no extra charges or money. The entertainment centers in the Wafi mall features tee and putt mini golf which is an ultimate for fun for all age groups especially teens and kids. The tee and putt mini golf center is only one kind in the city Dubai and it is based on the concept of “Glow-In-The-Dark”.


There is also a heavenly place for kids which is known as “Kids Connection” the name itself highlights the concept that it specially created for kids only! This kind of a entertainment center has several differnt rooms where kids can play, crawl and enjoy the amazing slides, see saws, springs and trampolines. In addition to this, you will find bouncy castle, softball courts and climbing towers too which are extremely adored and loved by kids – They are kid’s favourite kinds! Other facilities like private birthday party rooms areare also available in wafi mall Dubai.

How can we forget the prices of tickets? The charges per kid is quite cheap and reasonable; it is Dhs 35/2 hours for kids below 3 and Dhs 45/2 hours for kids above 3. And there is a specific a card which allows one to use/play the electronic games and the card costs only 2dhs. To get all the amazing services and offers you must visit this stunning Wafi Mall.