Types And Information of Dubai Visa


The following types of Dubai visas are issued by Dubai Naturalization & Residency Department (DNRD).
Visit Visa
Tourist Visa
Multiple Entry Visa
Transit Visa

VISIT VISA|Dubai Visa Types

If any tourist wants to stay in UAE for more than 14 days or if any one wishes to come for business purpose can easily apply for visit visa of Dubai. There is short term and long term visit visa of 30days and 90 days respectively and both of these cannot be renewed. Besides visa fee, sponsor/relative/resident that is local will also pay some deposit and that deposit will be returned to him after you leave the county. The long term visa of 90days from the date of issuance is valid for 60 days and this 90 days visa is non-renewable and the time of stay in it is 90 days from the date of entry to the country and cannot be further extended. Sort term visit of Dubai is also valid for 60 days which starts from the date of issuance of visa and the visa holder cannot stay for more than 30 days from the date of arrival to the country and it cannot be further extended.


Photocopy of sponsor’s passport.

Photocopy of candidate’s passport.
Photocopy of sponsor’s contract of employment and his salary certificate.• Proof of family relationship (kinship)
Travel insurance
Documentation for the companies:
Photocopy of sponsor’s passport.
Photocopy of establishment card
Travel insurance.


A special category of visit visa is tourist visa and this visa is for staying not more than 30 days in the country and it cannot be renewed. It the person that holds this tourist visa stays for more than 30 days, he has to pay the fine of 200Dhr per day and some charges for exiting the country. Tour operator’s and hotel’s sponsorship is also required for tourist visa depending on who brings this visa holder to the country. A photocopy of the travel insurance and sponsor is also necessary for this visa.

A cruise ship passenger is provided with the multiple-entry visa of Dubai because they have to enter the country more than one time in one trip. Frequent visitors are also given multi-entry visa such as a business visitor have to come to Dubai frequently as they are linked with a reputed company of UAE. Validity of this visa is for 6 months from the date of issuance of the visa and the visa holder will stay for 30 days at each stay. This Dubai visa cannot be renewed. For getting multiple-entry visa, the candidate must enter Dubai on visit visa of Dubai; otherwise he will be unable to get it. For Germans, UAE embassy in their country can provide them with 1 or 2 years multiple-entry visa when they apply for it. In one year they cannot stay for more than 3 months.
Multiple-entry visa of 1 to 10 years can be given to US citizens when they apply for it. They can stay not more than 6 months in one year.


Passengers that stop at Dubai International Airport can stay for 8 to 96 hours on transit visa of Dubai. A ticket for going to the next station is necessary for it. Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Nigeria and Yemen’s citizens are not eligible for 96 hours visa.