Shopping In Dubai


When we talk about shopping, the only word which clicks or comes in the mind is the name of the city of wonders “Dubai”. One can go mad if he or she starts thinking or recalling the names of shopping centers . The fabulous Dubai city is considered as one of the greatest hub of shopping – the bazaars, malls and marketplaces are simply amazing.


There are more than 65 malls in Dubai which are running successfully. Plus, the malls have become the major attraction sites due to their beauty and uniqueness. The top most malls includes The worlds largest Dubai mall, the classy emirates mall, exotic ibn battuta mall, the most stylish marina mall and much more. The words and phrases aren’t sufficient in order to praise the designing and creativity.


Moreover, Dubai has achieved its aims and objectives in a very short time which is a remarkable thing. There is nothing which you can not find here especially in Dubai, we can say that the city is moving towards the success and will be taking higher steps to make it more peaceful and prettier. Furthermore, the shopping centers of Dubai are not just the ordinary ones and apart from shopping visitors can also enjoy more than one activity. For example – in emirates mall you can explore the fun filled snowy adventure which is known as “Ski Dubai”. If someone is bored and wants to try something refreshing which can make them active so they can discover the fun of skiing in a mall. Isn’t it amazing?


The best and the biggest “Dubai mall” can not stand back at all! It also offers the most striking activities and of course pleasurable experience of shopping. The huge aquarium, discovery zoo and ice rink are the entertaining segments of the mall. Not only this, Dubai mall has launched the first-ever store of the biggest candy shop named “candilicious ” – a place which is eye-catchy and attracts mostly the age group of 4-16 kids, the shop has all kinds of candies and chocolates including Hershey’s, MnM’s and lots other.

KidZania and sega republic are two different types of entertainment centers for kids and teens. Both the places are entirely different from each other and must be explored by all the teenagers and kids who adores exciting places and parks.


Everyone wants to visit the city and specially the top malls. Women are seen mostly in such places where they can bag up all the stuff whether it is something related to the kitchen or anything regarding beauty and fashion. The sense of styling and fashion is rising up day by day in the town which is a really good sign and it actually leads to progress of one place.

Trendy cloths, designer made shoes, modish jewelry and dazzling beauty products are everyone’s desire, this can be fulfilled easy because the outstanding malls have all the top brands and elite stores where one can find all the material from cloths to a single of piece of copper wire. No doubt, everyone wants to keep themselves up to date.