Luxurious Dubai Police Force


Dubai police is the strong force for the city of Dubai. It was founded on 1st June 1956 in an area called ‘Naif’. Police of Dubai is known as “The Most Progressive” force among all Arabic forces. Police force of Dubai was started with only 29 members and increased gradually to 430 by 1967. Police of Dubai improved a lot and now it has become a model for other arab forces. Here, the education played a major role in making the force really powerful and dominant.


The latest law enforcement techniques were used by the Dubai police force which includes; electronic finger printing and DNA testing. In addition to these, Police force of Dubai was the first one which introduced the GPS system which helped in finding the stolen vehicles. The very first headquarter was located in an area known as “Al Towar” and currently the new headquarter is going to be constructed in “Deira”. Dubai Police force operates under a General commander and his deputy which also organizes fifteen different departments. Some of the departments comes under the list of “The Most Important” and they are ; The General department of Operations, E-Services and the general department of Criminal Investigation.
There are 10 police stations of police of Dubai (currently) and one in Al Barsha is the newest (developed in 2014) .


Furthermore, the uniform colour theme is olive green, black coloured boots with a red band looped through the epaulette. Whereas, Women in police force Dubai generally wear headscarf due to some religion reasons. Both male and female are given the semi-automatic handguns and other weapons such as Hecklar and Koch MP5 (sub machine guns) , Glock 17 pistols and Ithaca 37 (shotguns).
Recently, the force introduced some latest and extremely elite models of cars; counting – Lamborghini, aventador, Chevrolet Camaro SS , Mercedes benz , Bentley , a limited edition Aston martin , Ford Mustang, Bugatti , McLaren and a Ferrari. The typical colour scheme of Dubai police vehicle is dark green and white with their email addresses and websites printed on it.Besides this, the Police of Dubai also have high range of motorcycles, helicopters and boats.


The Dubai police academy is also a part of the force which was founded in 1987 and was entirely inaugurated in 1989 in the existence Sheikh Maktoum bin Rashid Al Maktoum. Plus, majority of emiratis states that at that time the degrees which was offered by Dubai police academy were having the same and equal value as the degrees from universities. Degrees in many departments were offered e.g, “License in law and Police sciences”, “Masters in law” and “Doctoral degree in law”. Other nationals were also eligible to appl for different degrees from the academy. For example : Yemeni, Palestinian etc. Dubai police Academy maintains the standard of teaching by satisfying their students with the latest and efficient methods of learning.


The Dubai police Museum is located in Al Mulla Plaza, opened on 19 November, 1987. The Museum has quiet a few halls which are used for documenting and to show the efforts of Dubai Police department.