Driving Jobs in Qatar

Comparatively Qatar may be a smaller country in the Gulf region, yet it is considered as a giant in commercial terms. The whole commercial industry of Qatar relies very much on its smaller institutions. We can also theses smaller institutions are the pillars of this complex system. In the absence of even a single one the industry will collapse. Among all other supporting pillars one is the transportation industry of Qatar. This institution or industry is considered to be a small one but without its services no other organization, industry or company can survive.

This industry provides the transportation and driving services to many gigantic industries of Qatar. The jobs for drivers are announced by all most each of the hotels, companies, industries, institutes of Qatar. However mostly the announcement for job is by the transportation companies themselves. The reason behind the exceeding driving jobs in Qatar is the scarcity of local transportation system. There is no doubt in the fact that Qatar doesn’t possess a very well established local or public transportation system. Apart from the privileged others have to choose between hiring and renting a car. Therefore the boost in driving jobs is obvious and for the reason Qatar has a booming transportation industry.

Twice or sometimes thrice a year Qatar announces hundreds of Jobs for individuals having driving skills. The driving jobs in Qatar include two basic categories i.e., light transport driving and heavy transport driving. The light transport includes all type of cars, jeeps, vans, and other small vehicles, whereas the heavy transport includes, trucks, buses, loaders and other big vehicles. The drivers for light transport are mostly acquired by hotels, offices, car rent and cab services. On the other hand demand for heavy transport driver comes from big companies, industries and all of the institutions involved in moving and transporting loading stuffs. Among all these jobs the best job in my opinion is the job of a taxi driver in Qatar. The reason that I keep it on top of the list is that apart from the salary the driver is able to earn by accepting tips from the passengers.

The driving jobs in Qatar are considered under the category of labor therefore all of the labor laws are implemented on the hiring authority. The labor law gives certain protection and security to the employees and keeps a close eye on the employer to avoid any unjust activities. For starters the employer is allowed to take maximum 44 working hours in a week (which is reduced to 36 hours in the month of Ramadan). This means the employee have to work maximum 8 hours in a day and if he does some extra time, he will get extra payment for it which is obviously double of the normal wages. The salaries are also good depending upon the type of transport you are dealing with. Boarding, lodging, medical and traveling are all the parts and parcels of the job benefits which are always included in the driving job package in Qatar.

There is no doubt in the fact that the nationals of Qatar are preferred for the job, yet individuals with many nationalities are also welcomed to apply. The number of driving jobs in Qatar is very huge which makes the possibility of overseas employment too. The jobs for drivers are published in the leading newspapers of Qatar. The job ads are normally given by mentioning the institute or exact name of the organization. To avoid any chances of confusion we are presenting some of the driving job ads examples.

Jobs for drivers in Qatar
Drivers required in Doha housing society
Driver required in Qatar international airport
Driving jobs in Qatar petroleum
Driver needed in Al-Marhab construction company (Doha)
The above mentioned examples are to make you understand the job title and advertisement you will see in ad posts. So if are done till here the next step is to reach a head and apply for the job of driver in Qatar. The application procedure to get a driving job in Qatar is quiet easy and simple. If you are a national or citizen of Qatar you have to approach the hiring authorities and your interview could be held at the spot. The application procedure for the individuals from other parts of the world is a little complicated as compared to the ones sitting in Qatar. The procedure involves the traditional way of sending the documents and resume via mail and if the hiring authority felt that you are the right one for the job, they will contact you for setting the date of interview.

Eligibility to get a driving job in Qatar

When it comes to driving in Qatar the first thing that comes is age of the applicant. Like many other countries the legal and righteous age of driving in Qatar is over 18. So the individual interested in driving job must be 18 at least. Apart from the age one must possess a driving license if he wants to drive in Qatar. So you must possess a driving license (if you have any foreign license it can be converted into the one that Qatar accept) to legally drive in Qatar. For your convenience we are mentioning the basic requirements to get a driving job in Qatar.

Age-18 (at least)
Driving license (must be valid)
Attested documents
Proficiency either in Arabic or English
Character certificate (must not possess a criminal record)
Valid Passport ( foreigners)
In this article we have tried to provide you the basic information about driving jobs in Qatar including the benefits of this job along with eligibility criteria for the job of a driver in Qatar. Still if you don’t find what you were looking for you are more than welcome to leave a message in comment box. We will respond you in less than 24 hours.