Dragon Mall


Dubai! The city of shopping malls and market places. The dragon mall is also one of the biggest market places of Dubai. The Chinese mall is also known as “the dragon Mart” the name contains the word “dragon” and it has also a background behind it. In China, great importance is given to dragons and it is also considered as the symbol of country’s strength and prosperity. Plus, the structure and design of the mall is based on the shape of Chinese dragon. Dubai’s dragon mart is basically located on hatta road- Al Ain highway. Moreover, the beautiful mall is the largest trading center of Chinese product outside the China. Also, it is the biggest Chinese commercial center in Mena area. The dragon mall is running successfully since when it was started, actually it was opened on 7th December in 2004. Furthermore, the splendid China mart covers an area of 150,000 square meter and it is 1.2 km long. The dragon mall is quite huge and has its own grand 8 warehouses just a distance away of 200 meters (30,000 sq meters).


The mall gives endless facilities to its customers and consumers. The facilities that can be availed in the shopping mall includes a huge parking lot which can host more than 2,500 cars and other vehicles. There is also a facility of bicycle parking spaces for those who travels on cycle. Not only this but people who don’t own personal car can also travel by taxi – taxi service is an amazing facility for visitors. Isn’t it? As we know that United Arab Emirates is an Islamic state so the mall created separate prayer rooms for Muslim women and men in dragon mart Dubai.


Sometimes we see people roaming around in a confused emotion, it happens with those who enters the mall for first time – to prevent this factor dragon mall Dubai has customer desks which can guide one through the mall. On the other side, small babies and kids can ruin the lovely shopping day-out and it is the main problem faced by parents. But not to worry! Baby strollers are at your service to keep you happy while shopping.


Car lovers especially men can take their cars to car wash area as it is also a unique part of the dragon mart. The list of facilities and services is end-less and includes some vivid services like money exchange for foreigners and tourists , paying machines is there for people to pay their phone/tv bills and last but not the least, first aid rooms are created to give one quick recovery from the injury or any other fatal accidents happen in the mall. The striking Chinese mall is an amazing market place where you can see unsual and rare item goods of China; you can buy everything from a hair clip to home theater.

The management of the dragon mall Dubai usually organize different events and offers in order to attract more customers and to entertain them. To conclude, the mall timings starts from 10am to 10pm and on weekends it opens from 10am to 12am (midnight).