Carrier Opportunities in Saudi Arabian Army

The kingdom of Saudi Arabia is considered to be the second largest among the Arab countries. The country holds a very important strategic position by sharing its borders with Jordan, Iraq, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, UAE, Oman and Yemen. Saudi Arabia has also considered of being the richest when it comes to natural resources. All these importance and superiorities doesn’t come at a cheap price and there are many dirty eyes that are trying to destabilize the country to get control of it. That’s the reason that Saudi Arabia has suffered and tormented on number of occasion due to dilemmatic conflicts. In recent times when the whole Middle East is trembling by the terrorist activities and countries have turned into active war zones, the Saudi soil has also been decimated by shattering the blood of innocents.

To tackle all of those interior and exterior conflicts Saudi Army was introduced in 1923 right after the unification of modern Saudi Arabia and was founded as a single state. The army is officially known as Royal Saudi Land force. The army includes 225, 000 active troops who are very well capable of dealing with intruders. Pakistan had been a loyal ally of Saudi Arabia and his expertise in combat dealt is often used by Saudi government. For the purpose many Saudi army troops are sent in Pakistan. They army troops of Saudi Arabia are trained and taught the art of modern combat. Saudi army has also been very keen to include Pakistani’s who have served in any field of army.

Saudi army or Royal Saudi Land Force has announced hundreds of job posts after the recent attacks on in the holy city of Madina. The Saudi nationals and the nationals of its allies are considered to be eligible for these jobs. The jobs in army are considered to be one of the toughest because of the rough conditions and hostile environment that one has to work in. Yet it is the most applied job, for the reason that the type of honor and respect which comes with it has no comparison with other jobs. The carrier choose in army is only by the individuals who are true patriots and has the passion to do something for their motherland.

Reasons to Join Saudi Arabian Army

Despite of the fact that job in Saudi army is done for the respect and prestige that comes with it. Yet it includes many benefits as it is also the bread and butter of those serving officers. The attractions start with extraordinary salaries, insurance coverage of the entire family, residential assistance, provident and welfare funds. The job in Saudi National army is considered to be one of the best that anyone can find in Saudi Arabia. So if you are about to choose a carrier or are busy in job hunt, this is an opportunity that you must avail. In my personal opinion carrier wise it is the most secure job that anyone can wish for.

How to Join Saudi Arabian National Army

The first step to join the Saudi army is to know when, where and how to find that an announcement had been made and the national army is recruiting solders. You can find it on the leading Saudi newspapers and on website of royal Saudi land forces. After you get the job recruitment information the next step is to apply for that job. The application procedure to Join Saudi Arabian national army is simple. All you require is a computer with an internet connection because you have to do it online. Just go on the official website of Saudi army and you will find an application form with some instructions written on it. The application form for joining Saudi Arabian army includes vacant spaces for entering simple details, like your name, age, height, weight, education, home address and contact number. So fill all these personal details with great care because it is the only source for them to contact you. However in some of the jobs in Saudi army might not require all these formalities. You might get those by just delivering your job application by hand. These are the jobs of supporting staff and are considered as noncommissioned officers.

Eligibility criteria for Joining Saudi Arabian army

The eligibility criteria for joining Saudi army are not same for all posts, as army itself is a very big institution and includes number of departments in it. Therefore the eligibility criteria and requirements will totally depend on the post you are applying for and what vacant post you are interested in. For example the requirements of an army doctor would be different from a field soldier. The requirements for both cannot be same. But they are few requirements that would be mentioned for all posts in the Saudi army. The basic eligibility criteria or requirements for Saudi Army are:

Attested and verified educational documents
Authentic honoree and experience certificates (with reference)
Height more than 5.5 foot
Physically fit
Medical certificate
Police clearance certificate
Valid passport (for other nationalities)
Note that apart from the passport Pakistan ex-army are exempted from all the above mentioned requirements and any type of physical or analytical test. They are directly appointed and recruited to train the young officers of Saudi national army.

The article is to elaborate the role and job of Saudi Arabian national army. We have tried to provide you relevant information about the application procedure and eligibility criteria to join army in Saudi Arab. If you have any question leave a massage in comment box and our team will respond within a day.