Carrier Opportunities in Oman’s Education Sector

Oman is a very well established Arabian country famous for its generosity and hospitality. People from all over the world come to this part of the world for business or jobs. It is also the favorite destination of leisure seekers. The people of Oman are quite friendly and peaceful. Oman is considered to be one of the oldest independent Arabian countries. Since 1970 the country has witnessed a phenomenal infrastructural growth which led to a vibrant economic boost. The country has put an extraordinary effort to make its stature as we see it today but in the whole process of development and growth there was an area which had been totally ignored by Oman. It was the education sector of Oman.

Due to the negligence and lack of interest of Omani government the education sector was neither able to grow nor to flourish. Due to the incompetency of that time government the education sector of Oman doomed and Oman was not able to produce skilled and professional individuals to operate their own work industry. Since the upcoming administration realized the mistake and took desperate measures to solve this problem. As the education sector of Oman was fragile and with many discrepancies, so the inclusion of foreign expertise in this tendentious mission was necessary. The idea was simple, to take foreign expertise and get their own train from them. Since then several number of job opportunities have been announced by the education sector of Oman.

The educational jobs in Oman are a wonderful experience for the overseas themselves. As it provides them the opportunity of living in one of the most charming country in the globe with an abundance in flavors of Arabian traditions and culture. Apart from the outstanding environment and overwhelming nature of the country the job itself brings several attractions with it, starting from mouthwatering salaries and benefits of international standards. Few of the benefits offered to teachers or educationist in Oman are:

Salaries from 2000-3500$ per month (tax free)
Fully furnished accommodations
Return airfare
Insurance coverage
Paid Vocation time
Allowances for transportation
Extra payment for tuitions
The education sector of Oman includes many private and government institutes in it and these institutions include different types of schools, colleges, universities, language and coaching centers in it. The number of theses institution is in thousands and each of these institution require dozens of faculty staff to operate and educate their students. So you can guess by yourself that each year how many jobs are produced in the education sector of Oman. The jobs are mostly advertised by using the mediums of newspapers and job websites. The teaching jobs in Oman are normally advertised by referring that staff required in a school or college in Oman but sometimes the job ad comes with exact requirement and by mention the city name of institution instead of the country name. To make it some with you we are providing you some of the teaching job ads example.

Teaching Staff required in school (Oman)
Faculty require in college (Oman)
English teacher required in School (Muscat)
PhD Professor required in University of Niza
Faculty required in Oman medical college
Teaching jobs in Higher college of technology
Now all of the above mentioned jobs are the same that we talked before about if you get any of them you will be working for the education sector of Oman. All of these jobs possess the exact discussed privileges. So if you seek a carrier in education sector Oman is the best destination for it.

How to get a teaching job in Oman

The education sector of Oman is very eager to hire the individuals having educational expertise. For the purpose job advertisements are done in newspapers and other advertising forums with a limited time frame to apply. The interested applicant must have a certain level of educational degree depending upon the level of institution he is applying in. If the applicant possesses the educational authority required by the educational institute then he must send his educational documents and resume to the concerned institute. You have to provide a job application too and if the institute in which you applied thought you eligible for the post you will be contacted by them.

Eligibility Criteria for Teachers in Oman

The eligibility criteria for teaching job in Oman mostly involve the educational competency of the applicant. The requirement or eligibility differs depending upon the level of institution. As the eligibility to teach in school will be different from the college and the college requirements will be different from a university. So we are only providing you the basic requirements that one must possess if he wants to get a teaching job in Oman. The requirements to get a teaching job in Oman are:

Verified and authentic educational documents ( originals)
Experience certificate (referring previous educational institutes)
All of the appraisal and honoree certification
English proficiency (mandatory)
Medical certificate (must not be carrying any lethal viral or bacterial disease)
Police clearance certificate (no criminal record existence)
A valid passport with at least two blank pages (overseas)
This article is written to reveal the information related to the education sector of Oman. The article also provides a guideline to those who intend to start teaching carrier in Oman. Still if you need to ask any question about this article leave a massage in the comment box. Pleasure will be ours to satisfy you with the righteous and satisfactory answer.