Burj Khalifa Dubai


Tallest structure in the world? Yes its none other than Burj khalifa. Pride and the main attraction of the country. The word “The Burj” is an Arabic word which literally means tower and the second word “Khalifa” comes from the name of Sheikh of Abu Dhabi. Before its inauguration, it was named as “Burj al Alam” and “Burj Dubai” but at last it got the perfect and suitable name. The first tallest man-made structure was opened in the year 2010 on 4th January. The splendid burj khalifa is an extra ordinary amazing piece of creation, it bagged the attention globally and also shocked the whole world by proving that emirates can do anything and there is no such word like “impossible”.


Beautifully designed burj khalifa covers an area of 3,331,100 sq ft and has 211 floors including 46 maintenance levels and 2 parking levels in the basement. The mega structure has the most exciting cafes, classy restaurants and exotic clubs. Moreover, the burj has the striking souveniour store where visitors can buy stuff like caps, mugs, pens, burj khalifa models and much more – it is nothing but a thing which keeps happy moments and memories in it.


If we look at records and achievements of burj khalifa then it has an endless and never-ending list which includes many awards and achievements like “Tallest building ever built”, “Building with most floors”, “Worlds highest elevator installation” and “Worlds highest nightclub”. Furthermore, it is a place where not only visitors, tourists and ordinary people come but it is something which is loved by renown and popular celebs too, celebrities like “Jennifer lopez, Pitbull, lady gaga and others are frequent flyers and caught many times visiting The Burj. In addition to this, the famous brand name WWE has created a buzz in past few years by organizing a wrestling match on top of the tower. Many famous personalities too made appearances by climbing the peak of the burj khalifa Dubai. When the burj was under construction, many labour got injured and died during the constructing process due to its sky-touching height.


Burj Khalifa Dubai is the glorious centerpiece of Downtown Dubai is surrounded by many luxurious hotels, restaurants and other stunning attractions. Dubai water fountain is one of them, which creates a beautiful atmosphere and helps to add more exquisiteness to the tallest building Burj Khalifa. At the top of the burj, one can enjoy 2 different heavenly atmospheres; one can be seen in night and other in the bright morning, both of them have their own unique beauty.


Visitors and tourist can buy their own tour guide. Tour guide? Oh wait, it is not the typical guide person but it is an smart audio device which costs only AED 25 – It helps one to guide through the whole burj khalifa Dubai by playing the stories and helps in finding the places on different floors and sections. It also provides the headset or headphones to make people hear the sound clearly. The ticket prices varies and they are fixed according to the timings. For example- the ticket price will be a bit expensive in prime hours (from 4 to 7) than early and evening hours. Tickets can be booked online too which is also a quicker and easier way. So what are you waiting for? Go to the tallest building and get your tickets booked today!