Buildings of Dubai

DUBAI ! the first thing that came to mind

after hearing the name dubai is

BURJ KHALIFA the tallest building in the

world. Dubai is the biggest and the most

modern city in United Aram Emirates.

It consist of more than nine hundred

sky scrappers approximately. More than

85 buildings are higher than 590feet

( 180Meters aprox. ).

As mentioned earlier the tallest building of the

world also stands in Dubai which is 2717 feet tall (828meter) containing 163 is also the tallest structure ever made by man in the world.

In regard of the tallest buildings Dubai comes on top of the list in most of the categories.

It also have the privilage of having the tallest residential skyscraper named as Princess Tower skying upto 414 meters which is 1358 feet.

Dubai also comes first in having upto eighteen (18) completed buildings standing upto the height of 300 meters which outnumbers any other city in the world.

And on the other hand in race of 200 meter sky scrappers again Dubai is on top of the charts! It has 73 fully completed buildings that are upto 656 feet high.

Dubai Development

 The first sky scrapper nammed Dubai World Trade Center was built in 1979 and after completing its construction a new development phase of Dubai started. The development phase of Dubai is divided into three phases according to the area wise deacoration with skyscrapers.

Basically the skyscrapers of Dubai are grouped in three different locations.

At first a huge area of desert was converted into beautiful skyline by the side of Sheikh Zayed Road.

Secondly after covering the land along the most famous road of Dubai with beautiful buildings now the management turned to the other project for the development and tourisim promotion of Dubai.

Now in the second phase the area neighbouring to the Dubai Marina was developed.

In the third phase the Business Bay District was developed to the heights of construction.

Most Famous Buildings of Dubai

Dubai is famous in tourists for its beautiful buildings, developed and properly planned societies, hoteling, clubs ets and all of them are in spotlight due to their presentation by building tall structures. Here we have provided you the list of few of the top buildings of Dubai.


In 2010 the Burj Khalifa emerged on the map of world as the tallest building.its height is 828 meters that is 2717 feet. It is compromised of 163 was inaugrated on 17th of January , 2010.

Princess Tower

The second most famous building of Dubai is the Princess Tower it is the highest residential building in dubai and is 414 meters high. Its was completed in the year 2012.

23 Marina

 The third on list is the 23 Marina which is also a residential building which is 392 meters high having 90 floors and was also completed on 2012.

Elite Residence

In 2012 Elite Residence was completed with 87 residential floors making it the 4th tallest building of dubai having a height of 380 meters.

Almas Tower

Almas tower is on top for the tallest office building in was completed in the year 2008 havind 68 floors and height of 360 meters.

JW Marriott Marquis Dubai Tower

This hotels it is second after the “Makkah Royal Clock Tower Hotel” in the list of tallest hotels in the world. It has 77 floors and is 355 meters high and was completed in the year 2012.